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  1. 805moparkid

    Look what the cat dragged in

    I deleted everybody lol, I’m trying to figure out how to delete it completely and still have just the group I’m apart of. Maybe that’s the reason I dipped my toe back
  2. 805moparkid

    Look what the cat dragged in

    Sadly the 68 didn’t make it thru the move, I lost all my area and have a smaller garage so I had to choose between the AFX or the 68
  3. 805moparkid

    Look what the cat dragged in

    Life, kids, the usual stuff.
  4. 805moparkid

    Look what the cat dragged in

    How are all you crazy Mopar nuts doing?? I had a message pop up and had to find my way back home! Must say it’s been a couple years.
  5. 805moparkid

    426 hemi into 67 barracuda

    I feel like we’re going in circles lol. Greg spent the time to back engineer a correct set of Hemi Brackets from a real hemi super stock K frame. You can take any A body k frame (as wonderfully called out the 67 is hot garbage), cut all the mounts off and AFTER FITTING weld them in. In the...
  6. 805moparkid

    426 hemi into 67 barracuda

    they just used a standard a body K with the hemi mount kit. That’s why I was trying to not have you re invent the wheel as it works.
  7. 805moparkid

    426 hemi into 67 barracuda

    My ears were itching... As we laid out stock K frame with the mounts and spacers, the clutch linkage angle correction plate and a hemi with a 4 speed is no problem. Just have custom headers built, your gonna be about 1200-1500 for in frame headers but it’s well worth the money. Your gonna buy...
  8. 805moparkid

    What would you do? Slant performance

    Seems like everyone forgot how to build a slant!
  9. 805moparkid

    225 to 235

    Seal power can make a set no problem, about 120 shipped
  10. 805moparkid

    What happened to 805moparkid?

    I've been going to raves longer than I've been in here lol Yea I heard they moved into a new place! If I ever head back to Cali for a visit I want to stop in! Maybe both lol
  11. 805moparkid

    What happened to 805moparkid?

    Hey guys look what the cat dragged in!
  12. 805moparkid

    1968 SS Dart in progress

    Hmmm that must have been your Edge converter i tripped over! Andre is the man, your gonna love it!
  13. 805moparkid

    My RAM, oil pan and rust....

    in the ram the pan is just hangin out in the open, i dont even think you have to lift the engine, thats a 2 hr job tops, including dry time if using right stuff (15 min)
  14. 805moparkid

    FINALLY; it runs with some authortity!!!!

    hey bill i know your old but damn, a 4.459 reaction time!
  15. 805moparkid

    Happy Birthday 805moparkid!!

    Hey thanks guys! sorry i didn't respond sooner, havn't been on in awhile!
  16. 805moparkid

    Great member "Kidd" ! (I suck at selfies btw)

    i bet Kidd never responds to this thread... lol
  17. 805moparkid

    Dog Prank!!

    haha love the puppy Stuffed Dog Attacks Real Dog - YouTube
  18. 805moparkid

    Stalling Out

    look down the carb and see if a 1/16" drillbit will fit thru the hole closest to the head (not the accel pump hole that "boss" above it)
  19. 805moparkid

    Head Gasket .60 overbore

    i know flatout is doing the coppers FYI thats not just cuz "its a slant" either... we had a guy with a KB V12 boat motor (BBC based) and it has 4 3cylinder heads. i think he was looking at over 3K for a set of gaskets.
  20. 805moparkid

    spindle reamer

    yea just put it in a vise or even on the car, takes but a couple of minutes
  21. 805moparkid

    shim head gasket

    Well you could, i dont think i would, even after having both decks milled. Why take the chance for the cost of a gasket
  22. 805moparkid

    spindle reamer

    I think they are basically universal, just ream and then check till you get the right depth. Speedway sells a good one that we have used.
  23. 805moparkid

    Temp gauge accuracy

    mine reads 250* on the gauge @ 190* engine temp with a 175* thermostat. Stock gauges are about as accurate as waving your hand over it and guessing
  24. 805moparkid

    filter less oil pump?

    thats what i figured, but with the line length given i couldn't get it low enough. it would just pour down the inner fender, then down the frame rail LOL
  25. 805moparkid

    Ram3500 venting!?

    its an easy job on those, dont even need a spring compressor. just buy the loaded control arms from rock auto and tie rods, take about a day with a lift.
  26. 805moparkid

    anti-recline device causes fight on plane/2 kicked off

    i would be it would take down the plane or get me arrested for an act of terrorism... :wack:
  27. 805moparkid

    Head Gasket .60 overbore

    No problem, Charrlie!
  28. 805moparkid

    filter less oil pump?

    Mark made a plate for an external pump but that wont work for you. I ran the trans-adapt kit for awhile, it was nice but the line's were not long enough for what i wanted to do. im sure you can order just the cap and filter relocation kit.
  29. 805moparkid

    anti-recline device causes fight on plane/2 kicked off

    Same here! I can hardly walk after a couple hr flight