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  1. Swingn’71

    Source for rocker shaft end seals/freeze plugs

    I tapped and used a 1/4” pipe plug on a small block set. Just check the depth to the first bolt close to the end. And yes you can use some sealer for the threads. Swingn’
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    "I was told"

    “ I was told “ falls into the same category as “ The seller states”. People flipping or helping sell vehicles they know NOTHING about. These half *** frases keep them from being held accountable when the deal goes bad. We were TOLD the car had a 340 in it. Sorry you paid 40 large for it and it...
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    all I have to say is when buying an old car dont trust anyone about its history

    Purchased a 1970 swinger 340 fall of 1983. The person I bought it from had it a year and created a bit of law trouble with it. His father said it has to go..!! The dad made me supply proof of age (18) at the time. Car was previously a drag car converted back to a street car.The kid had old drag...
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    Never saw at set of these up close

    Yes…. I use vortex cones in my drag bike exhaust to meet requirement. NO they do not decrease power or change the e.t. AT ALL..!! They also do not reduce noise to speak of. Just in there to meet spec if you will….Swingn’
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    1970 Swinger 340 with light green butt stripe

    I owned a 70 swinger 340 originally f4 and black interior. Not sure about tail stripe code. Not savy enough back then to de code the whole tag..!! 4sp power steer, black vinyl top. From nov 83- march 94. Last time I saw it for sale done in black on e-bay out of Florida around 2007. Ad said one...
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    skinny billet "steelies"?

    Yes. Wheel vintiques offers 4” wide 15” wheel in both 4” bolt circle and 4 1/2” bolt circle. I have NOT personally used them. They do show them on there website. I have also been told they back order these fairly often. Also $$$$$$ @ roughly 350..+ each they are bit on the pricy side…Swingn’
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    [SOLD] BRAND NEW Edelbrock AVS2 carburetor #1906 in the box..

    Interested…Is the picture for reference only..?? The carb in the photo is not an AVS. It is an AFB. Please advise. Thanks.
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    Another 383 Cam Consideration

    Yep..!! Like the numbers on that cam..!! Driveability is the key here. Looks as though it’ll need a decent spring @ 500 lift. The numbers @ .50 look like the torque should be right in the area you use it the most. Good luck..Swingn’
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    Skinny Steelies?

    Getting back on track, the op is asking about 15x4 wide and 4” bolt circle..!! I too would like to know if any of these can be had.The only thing I know of in the past were custom units..Swingn’
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    Mopar Action subscription

    Yep..!!! I also ended up with the hose job on the first go round..!! First thing I thought of when the op said IF you add another year you get a free sub..!! “ This fish stinks from the head down”..!! Col Flag M.A.S.H. 4077..Swingn’
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    That should read. “Dim with the headlight switch”…sorry for the typo..swingn’
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    I did the same thing. Yes auto meter is white for light feed. Yes also if you want to dim with the headlight use the orange wire(s). And as said provided you know where the orange wires come from and go on your specific model..Swingn’
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    Opinions on a new dash bezel

    Only one of the examples you show is actually for a 1970. The others are for earlier barracuda’s. (No wood grain). Yes if you have to have the chrome bezel with all the proper inlay. You are stuck with a good size bill..!! If not you can do quite a bit of home resto for not a real lot of money...
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    Steve M is back

    Great news..!! I was just trying to find some current info on him this past Sunday. I didn’t see much. Thanks for posting. Not many of us Massachusetts guys, we need to look out for each other..!!
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    anyone install long tube headers on 72 Dart swinger

    Boosted probably has the info you are looking for..!! Sounds promising..!! 1/8” in A body header clearance is a country mile..!! And Beast is right on..!! The more they cost the less likely you want to whack them with a hammer..!!
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    anyone install long tube headers on 72 Dart swinger

    I have NOT used the Doug’s 453’s . I have installed many other brands in various A body’s. As soon as you mentioned ps I think you are on the right track. Ps makes this job MUCH closer in proper fit. The less expensive headers just don’t do real well with the ps. Maybe also TTI but check with...
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    For the NHRA followers. I know I’ll be tuning in.

    Yep Doug has been soooo close so many times he earned it…!! A New England guy Tasca has my vote…(I know he’s a ford guy) Pro stock bike Gauge has this locked in. (The kid can flat out ride..!!)..Hopefully A good week end to come…,,Swingn’
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    Manual choke

    Not sure I get it..?? 1405 CAME with manual choke..!! Yes you can convert to electric if you want. All you need to keep it manual is the small (L) bracket that bolts under one of the top hold down screws. Any universal old school choke cable will do. A small set screw locks it to the barrel on...
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    Contemplating a new (ish) direction

    More than anything will this have a license plate on it ..?? What fuel..?? Otherwise yes stick the compression to it..!! (If no turbo) and go solid on the cam..!! Let er eat..!! Car just looks KILLER..Swingn’
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    440Source "Stealth" heads, your experiences and opinions

    Have a set on warmed over 383. So far so good. Checked out good before they went on, no issues. Very good people to deal with. The straight spark plugs helped my header situation. I personally would have no reason not to recommend a set of these heads. Good luck…..Swingn’
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    Clutch Linkage

    All good info here..!! Before you go crazy on the z bar or other parts test fit the headers FIRST. This will help make sure all your mods will clear everything. Otherwise you do or undo everything twice or three times. If your lucky..!! Swingn’
  22. Swingn’71

    does Stabil work?

    I agree. I use it all the time, except for the daily driver which goes through the gas on a regular basis.Good old fashioned stabil red. Usually labeled stabil storage. This will definitely get you season to season on anything with pump gas..Swingn’
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    Ad Blocker on the Site

    Hyper I thought you were going to get yelled at for not being “Gold” ..!! Yes I se soooo many ads it is hard to page down even one page. If the ad blocker works nice..!! I probably should go gold this site really is worth it..!!! Thanks for posting was thinking it was just me…Swingn’
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    Over charging

    Sounds good..!! At least no more 17v + …..Swingn’
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    Over charging

    The ALT was the problem in the end..?? Hopefully your back to normal..13.8-14.5..?? Swingn’
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    Check out this time slip

    Good catch..!! I missed the MOV……1st @ .009. Great racing..!! I was thinking what gtx mentioned about the high mph..Swingn’
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    Check out this time slip

    Thanks for posting..!! I was struggling a bit on the first slip picking a winner. GTX nailed it with the high mph..!! Great numbers everywhere, box class..?? Swingn’
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    Over charging

    Mikes 270… attention here..!! These good folks including mattox and a few others helped me through a problem I had also. Great info here..!! Swingn’
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    Skinny Steelies

    Yes….I remember a few years back at Carlisle Some one was set up selling a number of wheels. Most were all red oxide primer and he had small and 4.5 bolt pattern narrow 15” wheels. Also he had some 8” and 10” deep rears. Honestly I can not come up with a name he was and older guy though.Haven’t...
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    Instrument cluster connector terminals

    Thanks for the info..!! Yes I have some uninsulated barrel terminals that are close to the pin size. I need to build a barrel plug for a rally cluster. Need come up with a straight 3 pin plug for I believe the fuel gauge as well. I have brand new circuit boards to work with. This is a bit of a...