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  1. tim gaddy

    abody sheet metal

    my son and i are building a 1969 barracuda fastback does any one make sheet metal for these cars we found a few,
  2. tim gaddy

    Camshaft question

    what do you want to know about it
  3. tim gaddy

    1969 barracuda 4speed rods

    Will Hurst rods work
  4. tim gaddy

    1969 barracuda 4speed rods

    looking for the inland shifter rods for abody cuda or if hurst rods will work
  5. tim gaddy

    new guy,,,

    new to this site, mopar is my passion,between my son and my self we have 69 cuda,69 dart,71 duster and 46 plymouth coupe and 1970 dodge challenger thanks for the add