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  1. bobruthkry

    Wheel Adapters

    Something to consider , I unfortunately did not . I bought a set of Keystone Klassics in the uni lug pattern for my sbp Dart just figured I'd use the adapters. The wheel adapters for the 4" to 4 1/2" are 1" thick . When installed on my Dart with the wheels they stick out almost a 1/2" to far and...
  2. bobruthkry

    [FOR SALE] Amazing Find 273 Hypo and 4 speed Complete!

    Nice, out of my range but awesome find
  3. bobruthkry

    1973 Duster 440

    Great to see guys still doing this. Good luck and sure it will be awesome when you're done
  4. bobruthkry

    [SOLD] NON-OEM SB intake bolts and engine mount bracket bolts, nuts and washers

    I'd like to claim them if they are available. PM sent
  5. bobruthkry

    [FOR SALE] 1969 and 1968 Dodge Dart Grilles

    PM sent about the 68 grille
  6. bobruthkry

    Signs you're getting old for Classic Car Owners

    Oh , that's a built in quick release. Good idea
  7. bobruthkry

    [FOR SALE] Drip edge trim

    Interested in the Dart trim if not claimed. Sending pm
  8. bobruthkry

    This is probably pretty minor, but have you ever seen one of these?

    Only seen them at the dealer showroom.
  9. bobruthkry

    Contest Time! $$$ Don't miss out!

    9.98 @ 136.036
  10. bobruthkry

    [WANTED] 68/69 Dart glove box bezel

    Good morning, hope all is well. May I ask if the chrome on the front is pretty decent ? The black and silver I can probably do just cant get the chrome right. Anyway if your's is decent and you're willing to let it go how much would you like for it and will you accept paypal ? Thank you for your...
  11. bobruthkry

    [SOLD] 1961 Corvair

    May also know someone. Will see them tomorrow
  12. bobruthkry

    [WANTED] 68/69 Dart glove box bezel

    Hello, I am interested if the chrome on the face is pretty decent. May I ask how much you would like to get for it ? Do you accept paypal ? Thank you for your time
  13. bobruthkry

    [WANTED] 68/69 Dart glove box bezel

    Hello, does anyone have a decent 68/69 Dart glove box bezel they are willing to part with at a decent price ? Not looking for perfect but would like the chrome to be nice. Thank you for looking
  14. bobruthkry

    [WANTED] 68/69 Dart glove box bezel

    Hello, anyone have a decent glove box bezel for a 68/69 Dart that they are willing to part with ? Mostly looking for one that has good chrome. Thank you in advance and for looking.
  15. bobruthkry

    [FOR SALE] Models and items for sale

    next in line. unbox full
  16. bobruthkry

    [SOLD] New upper a-arms

    Next in line if not taken
  17. bobruthkry

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving to all