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    [WANTED] 69 Dart rear sidemarker lenses

    I bought some from Detroit Muscle Technologies. First set I received was wrong like you say. They were for Coronet,etc. They sent the correct set and show them on website.
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    [WANTED] Vinyl top trim

    Yep, has a screw. You can pm me if you want. It would be Tuesday or Wednesday before I could box it up. Your inbox is full.
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    [WANTED] Vinyl top trim

    If you have not found these, I have some from 68. The driver's side short a pillar piece is on the car. I took passenger side a pillar off and can't find it (easily).
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    [Found!] 1968 Dart column shift indicator tab

    I do have an extra if you still need.
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    [Found!] 1968 Dart column shift indicator tab

    I'll check to see if I have one.
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    [WANTED] Complete 273 Wanted

    I have one from a 68 dart. Not a hipo engine. Turns over freely. I consider it a core. I am near Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge exit of I40.
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    Firm Feel leaf springs-any experience?

    Anyone tried the A body HD springs from Firm Feel? Are they worth the cost? Appreciate your input.
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    [WANTED] 1969 dart power brake booster

    I should have one from a 68 dart. If there is any difference from 69 I am not aware of it. Is date code important to you?
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    Master cylinder for Front disc brakes on 67 Barracuda

    I think the oem was casting #2225541. Hope that helps the OP.
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    Master cylinder for Front disc brakes on 67 Barracuda

    I have also not found anyone that rebuilds . Napa listed a rebuild kit for these but no longer available. Maybe some of the custom rebuilders could do it. If you have the original 1" bore Bendix casting with the retainer screw for an A body, hang onto it. I was lucky enough to find one some time...
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    I have this one from a 68 2dr. hardtop. Obviously not black. Nicely covered but ugly.
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    [WANTED] Radiator

    I have a 3443977 radiator but I believe that is a 71 year number. It's also for automatic. I'm assuming it needs recored. Bought it for a project but project has been sold.
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    [Found!] 69 Dart tail light baffle

    Need this baffle that inserts into tail light housing. Looks like it's one year only. I am missing one.
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    [Found!] 68/9 dart door panel emblems

    I'll probably just cut the door card (it's no use to me) and see how they did it. I expected a push nut but no. Should have taken photo of back side.
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    [Found!] 68/9 dart door panel emblems

    I have the pair of these. Still attached to door panels. Looks like they spun the rivets (posts) to attach them. I am not sure how to remove them from the panel and save the posts. Any ideas?
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    [Found!] 68/9 dart door panel emblems

    I might have one from a 68 GT also. There are some 69 GTS door emblems on eBay. New reproductions. Not cheap at $199 pair. I bought a pair and they are very nice. FWIW, I tried to save seat emblems from 68 GT and they virtually disintegrated due to heat I suppose.
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    69 Headliner color question

    Thanks, I thought bright blue would be correct. Mine was changed to black headliner and in poor condition.
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    69 Headliner color question

    What would be the correct color headliner for a 69 GTS with blue interior? Classic Ind list a dark blue and a bright blue (other colors also). Maybe someone knows a better source. Thanks in advance.
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    [SOLD] B&M 10242 flex plate for 5.9 Magnum

    For clarity, this would not work for any engine using crank position sensor on flex plate. I can see no reason why it would not work for 904 as well as 727 but B&M did not say that IIRC.
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    [SOLD] B&M 10242 flex plate for 5.9 Magnum

    Bought this is 2016 but never used it. Sold the Magnum engine so don't need. $150 plus shipping OBO
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    [FOR SALE] 68 Dart 2 door bench seat, Sebring buckets

    Bench seat from 68 Dart. Really nice seat. Cover may not be to your taste. $200 Buckets from a Sebring convertible. 03 or 05. Belts lock on inertia. Driver is set up for power. $150. Not practical to ship.
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    [WANTED] 904 needed

    I have one from 68 dart 273. Located in Jefferson City,TN. I don't know condition but it is complete. Has the single terminal switch. Possibility I will travel to Ky in near future. PM me if interested. Price is around $200
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    [WANTED] Bumpers close to NC...

    If you have bumpers you might check with Tri City Plating in Elizabethton, TN. Cost is about the same as new from AMD. If you don't have any core bumpers, I have some. Almost any bumper that has not been rechromed will need it. They look ok from 10 ft. but eventually you will want them to look...
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    [FOR SALE] 1968 273

    It's out. Two freeze plugs gone. There was antifreeze in heads when I removed front cover. So it's a risk. 904 is included. I used the 90 degree adapter on another engine. 70+ timing cover can be included. I don't have crank pulley for cast iron water pump. Exhaust manifolds are included.
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    [WANTED] Looking for 68 Dart front Drivers side fender

    My bad. Found this. Probably not what you want.
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    [WANTED] Looking for 68 Dart front Drivers side fender

    I am parting this car out. I see nothing wrong with drivers fender. I am not going to Moparty but a friend of mine plans to.
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    1969 Dart 2 door rear side window glass install

    There is a fiber washer on each side of the glass and a rubber sleeve over the bolt. I think the rubber sleeve is for anti rattle purposes(fills gap between glass and bolt). I used some anti seize on the bolts. Had one that was corroded and broke during removal.
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    [FOR SALE] 1968 273

    68 273 2 barrel carb. Turns freely but has not run in years. Still in car. I plan on pulling it soon. Hydraulic cam, non adjustable rockers. $250. I have front cover,etc. Not in photo
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    [SOLD] 4030319 Radiator (Lil Red Express)

    Numbers decode to a 78 Lil Red Express with AC. May be correct for other trucks,vans. Probably needs recored. I don't know how difficult these are to find. $200 plus shipping.