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    [FOR SALE] 2 steering columns and Tuff wheels

    Is this setup still available? Complete floor shift manual gear box column with new ignition switch, new turn signal switch, lock cylinder with key and spare column for parts WITH Tuff steering wheel and adaptor as seen in the pics. - $400
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    [Found!] /6

    Thank you very much. Merry Christmas
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    [Found!] /6

    Merry Christmas everyone. Here's a shout out to @1994redram for being such a good guy and helping a mopar brother. He has one and i hope to see it pretty soon. Thank you very much, Steve.
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    [Found!] /6

    Hello, @1994redram redram could you contact me please. I've sent you a PayPal payment and haven't received a reply from you regarding my p.m. question. Thanks
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    [Found!] /6

    Thank you for thinking about me. I'll PM you. Thanks
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    [Found!] /6

    If you do run across the bracket I'd still would like to purchase it. Thanks again.
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    [Found!] /6

    That's great, thank you very much
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    [Found!] /6

    You know it would be helpful. I'm such a dummy. Sweptline series. It is a 64 Dodge D 100 truck. I believe most years 60's thru early 70's are probably the same. Thanks
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    [Found!] /6

    Hello everyone, I'm asking here because I've gotten a add in For Trucks Only and no replies. I'm looking for a passenger side, /6. engine mount bracket. It's the metal bracket that bolts to the block and the frame rubber mount. If you have one, please contact me, Thank's Steve.
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    1964 Valiant "Get Runnin & Drivin"

    My goodness, do i love the sound of that Cam!
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    My Classic Car and the Wife’s Dart.

    He should have a complete show on your remarkable stable of Mopars. Ill be looks for it. Congratulations.
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    Yeah go figure, i have one also. They will figure it out, hopefully.
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    1965 Dodge Dart Charger

    That looks Sweet. :)
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    [SOLD] 1972 dodge demon console

    I sent a PM yesterday about the console in case you didn't get it asking about the pins and face plate mounting, along with a shipping cost to me. I'm interested in it. Thanks
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    What's wrong with this picture?

    Pretty damm slick. Did a search has some unique features, and a bunch of the dart platform. Neat.
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    What's wrong with this picture?

    What are you working on?
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    What's wrong with this picture?

    As far as i can tell, you are working on a right hand drive mopar. What else should i be looking for?
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    "Something in the Orange"

    Me too :)
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    Next Phase of my Mopar Life

    I couldn't say it any better. Congratulations!
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    1965 Dart GT "Charger 273"

    Toolmanmike let the cat out of the bag, Happy 30+ Birthday Ulf. ;)
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    [WANTED] 1970 Plymouth duster front valance

    Fyi, I purchased one a while ago and had it shipped across the country and it looked like a boomerang when it got here. A heavy wall tube could have helped it, i believe. Good luck.
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    1965 Dodge Dart Charger (?)

    I have to say Congratulations to you and your first ride. You have done a great deal in the two years you've been at it. Great job to you and your helpers. Happy Easter and many more successes.
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    Please pray for Kitty

    Just seen this. Praying for a speedy recovery and strength for you to help her. Godspeed in her recovery.
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    Happy birthday to me

    Very Happy Birthday to you and make sure you have an extra shot of Fireball, just for the fun of it ;)
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    [WANTED] Slant 6 Scat Pack Bee

    I'm on board for some also, Please.
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    [WANTED] Slant 6 Scat Pack Bee

    I can't see them either. Is there a place to be able to see it? I'd be interested in purchasing some if they look as good as everyone says.
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    Runner Up @ $10,000 ( To Win)We Stock/Super Stock Race at MATS

    Congratulations on the racing, Go Guys!