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  1. 72wedge

    [SOLD] High back bucket seats

    I bought them out of a 73 duster. Might not be the original seat covers or possibly out of a different year or maybe a dart sport?... I do know they are 73 and up A-body seat frames and tracks and they mounted up to the 73 duster floor board without issues.
  2. 72wedge

    [SOLD] High back bucket seats

    Price drop- $600
  3. 72wedge

    [SOLD] High back bucket seats

    Mopar A-body high back bucket seats out of a 73 duster. Seats have some rips but overall not too bad of shape, seat covers are still soft. Foam is in good shape. Seat tracks in good shape. I wouldn't hesitate to use them as is for a driver and restore them later. Asking $650 Located in...
  4. 72wedge

    [SOLD] 1968 Coronet R/T project - For sale or Trade

    1968 Coronet R/T. Factory 440 w/ 727 auto, QQ1 blue, white stripe, black interior bucket seats, floor console, 150mph sweep speedo, 8 3/4 with 3.23 sure grip, wide sill/ rocker moldings, wheel lip moldings. Currently a rolling body. No motor or trans. No sure grip. Car needs full restoration...
  5. 72wedge

    [FOR SALE] power steering box

    My zipcode is 94533. Thanks
  6. 72wedge

    [FOR SALE] power steering box

    Interested. Tried to PM you but your mailbox is full
  7. 72wedge

    [WANTED] 70 Go-wing

    Looking for a 1970 Go wing for my Duster. Either Original or repop from First Place Auto Products. Pm me if you have one for sale. Thanks
  8. 72wedge

    [SOLD] Small block pulleys

    Crank and water pump pulleys came off my 70’ 340. Went to serpentine set-up so won’t be needing these. Painted but has some scratches. Crank pulley - double groove for P/S non a/c. Part # 36143-78 Water pump pulley - Single groove. Can’t seem to find the part # on it. $40 each or $75 for the...
  9. 72wedge

    [SOLD] Factory Big Block Rocker Arms

    Complete set of factory big block rocker arms assembly. Rocker arms, shafts, hold downs, bolts and spacers all there. In great condition. Just removed from a fresh rebuilt 383, decided to go a different route and won’t be needing these. Asking $100 shipping included in the USA.
  10. 72wedge

    [SOLD] 1970 bucket seat hinge covers - full set

    Full set of original 1970 bucket seat metal hinge covers for A, B and E body high back bucket seats. Overall in good condition, has typical scuffs due to its age. $220 plus shipping
  11. 72wedge

    [SOLD] 1973 Duster & Dart bucket seat covers - NEW

    Sounds good. I replied to your pm.
  12. 72wedge

    [SOLD] 1973 Duster & Dart bucket seat covers - NEW

    1973 Duster & Dart bucket seat covers from Legendary Auto Interiors. Purchased through Year One a while back. Brand new still in original box, in perfect condition. $450 plus shipping or free local pick up. located in Fairfield, CA
  13. 72wedge

    [SOLD] 1970 bucket seats

    1970 and early 1971 bucket seat frames for A-body, B-body and E-body. Frames are in very good shape, nothing broken. What you see in the pictures is all I have for the seats. Date code on tag reads 6-30-70. Asking $450 obo Located in Fairfield, CA.
  14. 72wedge

    [WANTED] Sharktooth grille

    Sent you a pm
  15. 72wedge

    [WANTED] Sharktooth grille

    Looking for an original sharktooth grill for my duster. Anyone have one for sale?
  16. 72wedge

    [SOLD] 1969 & up Auto console shifter

    1969 and up auto console shifter with woodgrain knob. Shifts perfect, nice and smooth. Wood knob and chrome does show its age, see pictures. Chrome has light scratches and some minor pitting but overall it is still a nice original shifter. This would be perfect for a cruiser/daily-driver, not...
  17. 72wedge

    [SOLD] Auto console shifter

    Auto console shifter with woodgrain knob. Shifts perfect, nice and smooth. Looks nice overall but definitely shows it’s age. Chrome has its fair share of light scratches and some minor pitting, check pictures. This shifter would be perfect for a cruiser/daily-driver/project kind of car, not for...
  18. 72wedge

    Spare tire well replacement question

    Yea thats what I'm afraid of. Once I get to removing the rusted portion, I end up finding it goes up a little higher than I anticipated. Thank you for the advice, I think I'll follow your recommendation. Its better to have a little more and not need it, than not have enough.
  19. 72wedge

    Spare tire well replacement question

    The bottom of the spare tire well in my 70 duster is rusted out pretty bad. I’m looking into buying the replacement panel from Sherman but I’m wondering how far up the spare tire well the new panel will go. has anyone replaced their spare tire well with a new panel? And, how far up does the new...
  20. 72wedge

    [SOLD] Dyers 671 supercharger

    Dyers 671 supercharger for big block 440. Never been ran. Pm me for more information. $3,000 obo. Located in Placerville, CA