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  1. convx4

    Dash Harness Repair

    I removed the resistor spring wire and installed a jumper wire the same gauge as the rest of the wiring.
  2. convx4

    Dash Harness Repair

    Last winter I made new wiring for my 65 coronet. I wanted to make some changes and up date things. This is a list of some of the things done. Wires colors and size (gauge) are all the same as factory. Factory wiring diagram is mostly correct except for the changes I wanted to make. Drew...
  3. convx4

    Homemade gauge test tool, C-3826

    Thanks to all who contribute to FABO and allow me to learn some thing new and be able to keep my old junk running. I have put together some information that some might find helpful. I have not completed the how to make a gauge tester like the C-3826. Fuel gauge calibration If you have a...
  4. convx4

    how to bench test a 70 Dart instrument cluster?

    On my 65 coronet, ten years ago, I was having all kinds of electrical gremlins that were causing crazy issues, especially with high humidity. After many hours of testing I tracked it down to the original printed circuit board. I confirmed it being the problem by removing it and replacing it with...
  5. convx4

    Non-charging help 89 Dakota

    Just found this info on a 1992 Dakota tach, and thought I would share it.
  6. convx4

    How to install blower motor relays??

    Sorry to dig up an old thread. Just thought I add some info. Just doing research in to updating my 65 coronet and 66 valiant blower motor with a relay. On another site it recommended using a single five pin relay right before the motor. This allows the switch and resistor like normal until HI...
  7. convx4

    Non-charging help 89 Dakota

    Nice to see you got your truck up and running. The dakota's SMEC computer controls the tach. I messed a little with a stand alone tach driver but did not have any success. Did not spend much time on it. Not all of the Smec for the dakota's have the tach driver in them. So when cloning you...
  8. convx4

    What does this knob on the horn do?

    Horns stop working beacause the contactcs on the inside get dirty.
  9. convx4

    Non-charging help 89 Dakota

    I too have a Shelby Dakota #660. My computer took a dump but I was able to clone it to get the truck working again. So the 1989 computer has two boards in it. The top board with the small connector is the board that controls the alternator. The second board withthe large connector is the...
  10. convx4

    DIY electrical parts supplier ~ thread

    I know its easy to just order new wiring but I wanted to do a couple of things different. Started to rewire my 65 Dodge coronet and when I'm done with it I'll be rewiring my 66 Valaint. My plans are to update the engine bays wires and the under dash. The original headlight wiring scared me...
  11. convx4

    Recurve ready-to-run HEI distributor?

    I have sun dizzy tester and an Allen dizzy tester. Also have most of the speck sheets for the factory set up.. Let me know if I can help.
  12. convx4

    Wiper Delay for 68 Barracuda

    Back in the late 80's there was a control box that could be wired into a two speed wiper motor. It would not work with the 3 speed/ variable speed motor.
  13. convx4

    E coil/hei mounting pics please

    On my 65 273 2 bbl. I made a two piece bracket for the coil that bolts in the factory spot. I also mounted the HEI with a big heat sink and the 12V relay on the bracket. All this is kinda hard to see in the pictures. That volt regulator is just for looks, a 70 solid state is hidden under the...
  14. convx4

    Vacume advance canister

    More info on small block/slant six distributor vacuum advance V343 - Electronic adjustable 11R advance fits small block and slant six VC228- Electronic adjustable 11R advance fits small block and slant six VC232- Electronic adjustable 8.5R advance fits small block and slant six...
  15. convx4

    Vacume advance canister

    How a bout a list of the available vacuum advance cansers. Part numbers from o'reillys BWD parts I got V189, V192, V194 small block slant six for points distributors. Then V342, V345- small block slant six 11 degree advance,V346,V344,V410,V438, V438,V464 Also Kemparts VC322, 8.5Degree...
  16. convx4

    What relay to use for headlight switch???

    I like using the heater A/C fan relay from mid 80's Gm trucks. Its tough, cheep and available in any store. Or go to the junk yard and grab one and the plastic wire holder.
  17. convx4

    67 Dodge Dart GT Convert

    Try running a test wire form the negative cable on the battery to the light socket housing. If the light works add a ground wire, and clean where the light socket touches with sand paper, or replace the socket. good luck
  18. convx4

    Fixing dim/blinking headlights

    I used the two wires that originally fed the head lights to activate the two relays (one for hi one for low) added power and good ground wires. I hid everything under the battery.
  19. convx4

    Dash Circuit Board Repair

    I would just make my own wiring to place of the circuit board. Go to the junkyard ad look in the camaros dashes for a two-wire plug in light socket. You will have to get a few. Then use bullet connectors for the other connections needed. I try to use the same color wires matched up, newer...
  20. convx4

    70 Duster rallye dash electrical question

    After I got rid of the printed circuit board in my 65 I didn't have any more annoying electrical issues. I spent hours chasing those little annoying electrical gremlins. I just made my own wiring.
  21. convx4

    wiring harness exchanges 1970 Duster

    The wiring for the AC is not integrated in the main harness. But a non rally dash wiring is different from the rally wiring, Minor modification is needed it this has been done befor.
  22. convx4

    Is Elc. Ignition Worth it?

    The next one I do will be with a HEI modular. No dumb ballast resistor to cause problems. Ez to do.