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    North East GA

    Hi guys... Guess i'm allowed to post here. LOL, I'm close to north Ga. Chattanooga Tn here.
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    replacement shifter

    Built several race cars for guys and i like the b&m pro ratchet shifter. I use the electric shiftnoid and make it shift itself... Works nice!!!
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    Frame connectors

    <----- what he said.... I had the bolt in ones.... Didnt work very well in a dragcar, Done several with the 2x3 square box tubing.... Works great!!!
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    Car not running what is should, need help.

    I have built a lot of mopar trannies... Which on you running? 727/904? For small blocks i like the 904's better. 2-3 tenths quicker too. Like the other guy said ditch the GER. Seen way too many of them ruin some transmissions. If it seems like it holding back or dragging in high gear. Be...
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    Best ET

    Just spent the last 6 months building this car for a friend. Got to try it last weekend. Best 1/8 mile time was 7.16 with a 1.52 60ft. time. It's a 30 over 12.5-1 J-Head 360. Did everything but the paint job. :mrgreen: