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    Let's talk about trucks

    Have to agree with you. I have two of them. Paid $1600 for the one I bought 6-7 years ago and have put 40,000 on it. Just regular maintenance for the most part. Bought it to keep the nice cars out of the salt, get mulch, gravel, etc. I've had 7 or so people offer me money for it and have people...
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    440 Source Head Opinions?

    I have no issue with anyone liking Japanese cars, or any car for that matter. Do what you do, who cares what others think, do what makes you happy. Same thing with parts purchases. I try to buy American when I can but, have bought non-American parts too. I bet at some point, I will own some...
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    440 Source Head Opinions?

    Long time lurker here, I'm mostly on Moparts, FBBO, etc. Reviewed all 9 pages of detail and found something funny, that no one called out, that makes me giggle. Summation of one portion of this conversation: Merica, buy Merican, China is the devil, Mericans should be ashamed of themselves for...