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    Inner valve springs

    I have been using this tool for many years, works great. Mancini Racing Valve Spring Compressor
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    372" 1972 Dart

    What cylinder heads are you using?
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    Oil additives

    What was his thought on full groove main bearings?
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    I bought a Summit Racing Crankshaft

    I found the part no. listed in a Mopar catalog under Nascar and Late Model
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    [FOR SALE] Moroso Deep Oil Pan for 360

    Probably 4 to 5 inchs, depends on what tire and how you have your torsion bars set, i used it on the street for 10 years.
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    I bought a Summit Racing Crankshaft

    I been wanting a 3.58 stroke crankshaft for a 340 for a while, i seen Summit brand cranks, and research told me they were made by Scat, so they were on sale so i pulled the trigger and to my surprise this is what i got, anybody know who made these for Mopar?
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    KB pistons have coated skirt now, i ran them in my 360 for 10 years with a .030 top ring gap, i drove it on the street, and then it became just a race engine.
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    GoDeadOn App. Tried it? Using it?

    I would like to hear how it works.
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    Someone needs to start re-casting 340 blocks

    I had shop call me they were looking for a 340 block, told them i have standard bore block and main for $900 they did even think twice and said i will take it.
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    73 Duster build named Fred

    I went 10.60s with a 508 in my 360 and iron heads, they are not a bad cam.
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    340 Head gasket

    If your running a KB pistons they should be above the deck, by at least .012 maybe more. i would think anything less .040 is a little to tight.
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    [SOLD] Speedmaster H beam Rods

    Yes you would need a chevy pin for the piston
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    [SOLD] Speedmaster H beam Rods

    Set of 8 Small block rods 6.123 long with a .927 pin size Brand New $150.00 Plus Shipping
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    [FOR SALE] Moroso Deep Oil Pan for 360

    Moroso 8 quart oil pan for 360. no dents $210.00 plus shipping
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    [FOR SALE] Edelbrock Valve Covers

    They are in really good condition, one small dent in one cover, have the correct bolts. $180.00 plus shipping
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    [FOR SALE] New KB 107 Pistons and Total Seal Rings

    New pistons and rings $370 for both plus shipping
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    73 Duster build named Fred

    Try using the calculator and see what you slippage is, that will tell you something, if its at 15 you got a problem.
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    Is the valve angle on the W-7 still 18 degree?
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    Laverne Ferrouillat

    That's Fantastic! Car sounds great
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    Looking for a quality liquid filled gauge

    I have had 100% failure rate with all different brands except Aeromotive.
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    Are 340’s rare

    The best dyno is the one with 2 lanes and a timer.
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    Are 340’s rare

    I love 340s i would keep it and use it someday, you will not be disappointed. and you don't need a 4 inch arm, they are overrated in my opinion.
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    392 & 8hp70 65 Valiant

    I guess the one interesting part is going to be the exhaust, i have built a couple of 65's not a lot of room down there.
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    Strip Dominator and M1

    The Strip dominator is a small intake, much smaller than a Victor or M1.
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    Spring Fling 36 Apr 20 & 21, 2024 Van Nuys CA -info & roll call

    We will be selling junk or gold, depends on who is buying it.
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    Strip Dominator and M1

    The part number is on the flange, my friend did make it that way, but you never tell he modified it at all.
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    Cylinder head discussion 340 with stock above deck pistons

    That tire size is plenty for a 340.
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    Cylinder head discussion 340 with stock above deck pistons

    I have to agree with Newbomb, you should be running in the 12s easy with no nitrous, maybe a better cam, or something else is the problem.
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    Strip Dominator and M1

    Small Block Mopar