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  1. Riddler

    Anyone seen these for sale anywhere?

    Did a bit of a search and can’t find any of these.. If you know where, can you post a link? Thanks, Riddler
  2. Riddler

    Pettybludart says hi!

    Scott was the first guy who took the time to explain things to me. Took the time to educate me on a few things. I also bought a 3rd chunk from him for my Duster that I run now. I miss chatting with him... Riddler
  3. Riddler

    2007 5.7 Hemi in 73 Plymouth Duster (pedal cuts out)

    You actually got a harness from swap specialties? I've lost all hope getting my OEM 05 harness and PCM back from them. I was helping them make a swap harness years ago but they ghosted and never sent me back my property. Also they never had a harness that worked correctly. WE were close but...
  4. Riddler

    73 Duster front seat belts for bucket seats

    You likely can, but be warned the dual retractor's are a pain as one of them locks up while trying to get the belt on. It's a constant struggle. Riddler
  5. Riddler

    Need tire selection help.

    The car is setup for really anything. It's for RMS front and rear and entirely on coilovers. Last couple years I've been just driving it and enjoying. But the tires are older and hard. Riddler
  6. Riddler

    Need tire selection help.

    Yes it was a 275. not a 175. Uhhg... Riddler
  7. Riddler

    Need tire selection help.

    Yes I’m quite sure… At the time of my build the fronts are OEM Mustang and the rears OEM corvette sizes. Riddler
  8. Riddler

    Need tire selection help.

    I'm due for tires for my Duster and can't decide. Reviews are all over the place... I need different sizes for front and rear. I'm honestly not too concerned about cost but would like to be reasonable. I also only need summer tires as the car is put away for winter. Sizes are: Front -...
  9. Riddler

    What the flock?

    Experts have come and said they believe a predator (falcon, etc) was doing a dive bomb on the flock and they reacted by flying away and crashing into the ground before they could pull out. Most of the birds have had broken necks, bones, skulls... Riddler
  10. Riddler

    "the pro touring look"

    Thank you for the kind words. Riddler
  11. Riddler

    Hey all!

    Welcome from Belle River, ON Riddler
  12. Riddler

    RRS Corbeau Seats

    These are an older model called the TRS. I don't believe they are sold any longer. I custom built the console myself. I've got pictures in my build thread. Riddler
  13. Riddler

    RRS Corbeau Seats

    Here my Duster with Corbeau Seats with Corbeau brackets. I’ve reupholstered them to match my interior. Riddler
  14. Riddler

    Freeze damage to yer Mopar?

    I'm heading to Tampa in March..... how's about turning the heat on! Riddler
  15. Riddler

    A tranny story (t56)

    Awesome! I know who to call on if I break my T56 Viper trans. Riddler
  16. Riddler


    You can buy the board plain without material attached. That's what I did. Than I glued down the correct foam and the material of my choice. You could so the same. I should have pictures in my build thread. My Duster is a 76 ad it had the hardboard. Also bonus of getting plain being able to...
  17. Riddler

    Thinking about another project.

    Windsor built car! Nice! You should get it and build it! Canadian SPEC makes it better too ;) Riddler
  18. Riddler

    Ok is a Chevy advertisement

    Already posted under "Holiday Ride" Riddler
  19. Riddler

    Holiday Ride

    I saw it a few days back. Got me right in the feelings! Riddler
  20. Riddler

    Anyone near Chatham Ontario Canada .

    Honestly no one goes there for any reason. LOL. What are you looking at? Chatham-Kent is a large area. Do you know if it's in Chatham or surrounding area? You can message me if need be. Riddler
  21. Riddler

    Anyone near Chatham Ontario Canada .

    I'm in Belle River, ON. About 45-60 minutes away. Riddler
  22. Riddler

    "the pro touring look"

    Here’s my car.. try not to tear it apart too hard. Riddler
  23. Riddler

    "the pro touring look"

    Some decent cars here. I'll have to find some pictures of my Duster and show how my Pro Touring build went. Riddler
  24. Riddler

    Suppose you won $10,000 on a lottery scratch-off. How would you spend it on your car?

    Prolly buy a late 70s or early 80's Dodge truck or Ramcharger. I'm really loving the look of the early 80 Ramchargers with the solid roof! Thinking I coulf get one for a grand and use the other 9k to make it fun to drive. Riddler
  25. Riddler

    Looking for 74 duster promo car

    MPC 1974 Plymouth Duster Dealer Promotional Promo Model BEAUTIFUL | eBay Riddler
  26. Riddler

    73, 74, 75, and 76 dusters and dart sports

    Oh and here’s my “beak” nose Duster. Riddler
  27. Riddler

    73, 74, 75, and 76 dusters and dart sports

    Actually most 73-74 Dusters had clear parking lights and in 1975-76 they had amber lights. So those amber parking lenses are correct for 1975. Riddler
  28. Riddler

    Project Riddler's Ride - 1976 Plymouth Duster

    Keep working at it. I'm still doing little things to mine. I really wish I had more time to drive it and enjoy cruising. I'd like to start another project but room is limited at the moment. We've been keeping our eyes out for a country property. Riddler
  29. Riddler

    Project Riddler's Ride - 1976 Plymouth Duster

    Well this year has come and gone and with my new work schedule and doing home improvements, upgrades to our camper and taking our kids on holidays, I haven't taken the car out once. I really miss starting it up and driving it. I need to make sure I drive it next season a ton! I did get a...
  30. Riddler

    Anyone make their own interior

    If you check my build thread, I did my own interior as well. I had to have it sewn as I don't own a machine that's capable of sewing leather/vinyl. But I designed it all, put them on the frames and also did my own door cards and trunk. Riddler