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  1. autopar3000

    Magnum and Wiring Swap

    Do you know what cam it is exactly? The stock tune will only tolerate so much duration / overlap before it starts to get confused. I'm not surprised to hear that. I had originally set up the fuel sync in my 5.9 using the method described in that youtube video. More recently I set the sync...
  2. autopar3000

    Flex plate for 5.9 and 904

    Yeah, 96 and up. When they switch to OBD2 and to the 46re they moved the weight from the converter to the flexplate.
  3. autopar3000

    Flex plate for 5.9 and 904

    When I was running a 904 I used the stock 5.9 flexplate from a 96 and later truck. One hole needs to be opened up maybe an eighth of an inch to allow it to mount to the 904 converter.
  4. autopar3000

    Magnum swap air cleaner

    I just used the 68 - 69 unsilenced air cleaner I had on my carbureted LA setup. I think I have a 3 inch air filter in there. The kegger intake is a lot taller than a carb intake, but the throttle body is very short so it kind of balances out. Not a great picture, but this is all I have right now.
  5. autopar3000

    Six years should be long enough...

    Your mention of the crank sensor reminded me that you can modify it to get a bit more timing. This idea going around the Ram and Dakota forums around 20 years ago: Your timing is set initially by the crankshaft sensor and the distributor has the camshaft sensor in it to determine when the...
  6. autopar3000

    Wiring harness progress

    That is awesome! If I didn't have a rallye dash I might have done the same thing. The 3.91 gear with the OD must be realy nice. I have a 5.9 running factory EFI with the 46rh with a 3.23 gear. The 3.23 is is nice on the highway but really the bare minimum for spirited acceleration. I'm just...
  7. autopar3000

    1972 Dart Magnum swap, R46RE Trans

    My 70 Dart has the 46RH with a 26 inch tire and a 3.23 gear. It cruises at 120 km/h at 2000, so 150 km/h would be about 2600 rpm. I might eventually switch to a 3.73, since the highway speed limits in Canada are usually 100 km/h, with very limited areas being 110. What gear do you have?
  8. autopar3000

    1972 Dart Magnum swap, R46RE Trans

    Ok, that's really the best way to do it in my opinion. The EFI is so nice in these cars, especially since in has OEM reliability and parts are so easy to get (in North America). I put a 1994 OBD1 Magnum setup in my car so I'm pretty knowledgeable about that. I know for OBD1 Mags you can just...
  9. autopar3000

    1972 Dart Magnum swap, R46RE Trans

    @Bobs Garage UG how are you going to control that transmission. Are you using the factory EFI and PCM?
  10. autopar3000

    what 5.9 magnum valve springs

    There aren't a ton of drop in options for the Mag. I have the Hughes springs that 318willrun mentioned with their SER0814ALN-14 cam. I have spun my engine past 6000 rpm and didn't feel any valve float.
  11. autopar3000

    94 5.2L Magnum running rough

    I have a 94 Magnum in my Dart, also running factory EFI. You might be on to something with that crank sensor for the issue of it just shutting down. For the rough running, you might just have a clogged injector. You can have them professionally cleaned, or you can get one of these things from...
  12. autopar3000

    Need some guidance on transmission/flexplate/torque convertor

    As someone who has done exactly what you're looking to do, I can tell you Professor Fate's comments are bang on. I would only add something to this: This is true for 5.9s from 1996 to 2003. From 1993 to 1995 they had a neutral flex plate and the weight on the torque converter. I suspect the...
  13. autopar3000

    Reground Cam

    He's probably talking about the cams from the later LA engines, which were roller cams. Cars like the Diplomat, Fifth Avenue, and Plymouth Caravelle.
  14. autopar3000

    flexplate ?

    Thanks, I'm looking at installing some underdrive pulleys so I'll probably have to get one of those PRW units. When I mentioned I couldn't get one without the pulley I really meant I couldn't get one locally, same day. The story on this is that I bought a new balancer (no integral pulley) and...
  15. autopar3000

    flexplate ?

    I used the ATP Z332. I was running the factory EFI with a 904 transmission. This flexplate has the proper weight required for the 5.9 Magnum, which is different than the 360 LA weight. My 5.9 originally came with the crank pulley bolted to the balancer, but it was bad and I ended up buying a...
  16. autopar3000

    RIP 340 Onto Magnum swap

    Mine did with 150k miles (240k km), but it was an ambulance that got fleet maintenance. On the other hand it probably spent a ton of time idling. It has the typical cylinder head cracks but that doesn't bother me one bit. I hear a lot about cracked Magnum heads and very little about those...
  17. autopar3000

    RIP 340 Onto Magnum swap

    Sounds like you're half way there already :) The crank sensor is part of the flexplate, but it's possible to adapt the A833 flywheel to the Magnum EFI flexplate. Have a look at 5:33, if you don't want to watch the whole video:
  18. autopar3000

    RIP 340 Onto Magnum swap

    For $800 it is your duty to pull that engine and transmission and put it in your car!! With the factory EFI included! Yeah, making the 46re fit in the trans tunnel will take some work, and converting your car to EFI will require some money for a proper EFI tank, fuel pump, etc (unless you're...
  19. autopar3000

    LA Intake with Serpentine Setup

    My belt is 91 inches, but again, the van PS braket is lower so maybe it would be different for you. I went on the rock auto website and looked at all the belts for the 94 B350 without AC, and in some of the part descriptions they tell you the length of the belt. I ended up buying the belt...
  20. autopar3000

    LA Intake with Serpentine Setup

    Here's a couple pics of my setup. Notice that small idler pulley? I think that's the only reason why it's possible for me to go without the AC compressor, because the van power steering bracket sits lower than the truck bracket. With the truck bracket sitting up higher Keystone's pic is showing...
  21. autopar3000

    /6 to magnum mount options

    I pulled a 5.9 from a 1994 B350 van and it was using the biscuit mounts. Like others have said, the block has LA style ears and the bosses for the othe type of mounts.
  22. autopar3000

    LA Intake with Serpentine Setup

    This is not my experience. I have a 5.9 from a B350 with power steering and no AC, and my belt works ok. But I have noticed my idler pulley is smaller than any others I have seen before. Maybe that's the difference.
  23. autopar3000

    Tick Tick goes the magnum.

    What head gaskets are you running? If they're thin maybe you can put a much thicker set on and keep your cam. You'd better pull those heads anyway and make sure the valves weren't bent.
  24. autopar3000

    Stock magnum max lift

    The stock valve springs on every Magnum engine were not adequate for the stock cam, which was a ridiculously small cam to start with. If you're changing the cam you MUST put in a new set of springs. I'm not a cam expert so I'll let others make recommendations, but I can tell you Hughes makes...
  25. autopar3000

    Need wiring harness for EFI Magnum

    I'm looking at following much the same path that you did. I want to get it going first, then start with the upgrades and improvements. Adding power steering is part of phase 1, phase 2 is probably OBD2 and add AC. Phase 3 is the OD trans. The Mopar RH automatics are probably the easiest...
  26. autopar3000

    Need wiring harness for EFI Magnum

    That's what I was thinking. I sure don't need the harness for the old orange box, so thinking I should get the cheaper one without the electronic ignition wiring. I just didn't know if there was something else on the elec harness that I might need for EFI. The 94 engine is indeed OBD1, and I...
  27. autopar3000

    Need wiring harness for EFI Magnum

    Hey guys, I'm swapping a 1994 5.9 into my 71 Dart and I'll be using the factory EFI. I noticed my engine wiring harness is hacked up and the connector is a bit crispy. I like my fried chicken to be crispy, not my wiring, so I'm going to replace the harness. I see that Year One has HU203A...
  28. autopar3000

    magnum 360 into a 74 duster that had a slant 6

    Actually, you are 100% right. My statement above is wrong, I had it totally backwards. My experience is 1994 and older has the weight on the converter, 1995 and newer has the weight on the flex plate. I was confused because my motor is a 94, and I bought a weighted flex plate. But I only bought...
  29. autopar3000

    magnum 360 into a 74 duster that had a slant 6

    I used this for my 5.9 magnum: ATP Z332 Flexplate | RockAuto 1994 and older used the weighted flex plate, 1995 and newer had the weight on the converter. Usually. After all, we're talking about Mopar here, so almost nothing is 100% certain.
  30. autopar3000

    filter regulator

    Hey el5dart, Did you end up going with the Cherokee regulator / filter? If so, what year Cherokee did you buy one from?