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    Early Dart Headliner Install Question

    My '65 had the nail. It just holds the sail panel in place while during installation.
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    Pitman and idler arm issues

    You may need to put the engine/tranny at original stock height and modify the floor to accept the assembly.
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    66 Valiant Windshield Leak

    Most professionals don't use sealer on these type of windshields except with rusted opening. Also check the under dash vents.
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    Steeing Coupler Seal

    I'm in the process of replacing the power steering gear on my'65 Barracuda. I noticed the seal for the steering coupler is rotted. There is what looks like a seal cup that fits over the end of the steering column tube. It appears to be part of the coupler seal. I have found several places that...
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    Slant six intake/carb question.

    The little Holleys are junk. The accelerator pump parts are unobtainable. The BBS is the carb you want if you can find one. You could possibly adapt just about any single barrel carb. The BBD is a two barrel that would require a rare two barrel manifold.
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    Seat Back Flop

    The passenger seat back on my '65 flops forward on a quick stop. When I was reupholstering the bucket seats, I found a small spring, which fits in the hinge. It restricts the seat back from flopping forward. Not thinking, I installed it in the driver's seat. If anyone has an extra one, please...
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    1st/2nd Gen Barracuda Handling

    The early Mustangs were customized Falcons. The Falcon was a marginal car as far as quality. The 3rd gen Mustang handled much better but never compared to the same year MOPARS. I was a line mech for a Ford dealer in Salt Lake in '72. The new 390 Mustang was a beast to drive. All power and no...
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    Crackedback's headlight relay kit

    It's been a number of years since I installed the intensifier. It was an easy install with all connections at the radiator support. My car has all the original wiring including the crappy stock fuse box. All accessories still work properly except the wiper motor blows the circuit breaker after a...
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    Crackedback's headlight relay kit

    I used a H-4 LED Headlight Brightness Intensifier kit I found on eBay when I installed LED headlight bulbs.
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    A-Body Postive cables

    I just received this messagde from pbiggs. "Hi...yes I'm still around and thanks for the comments. Sharing information gives me joy. Still have the 65 and now own a 66 Barracuda as well. Both FS 4 speed cars. Good luck on your project."
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    A-Body Postive cables

    I have a problem with an intermitant starter solinoid failure. I suspect the positive battery cable may be part of the problem. MY 104K mile '65 Barracuda positive battery cable has suffered much over the years. One look at it shows it isn't just any other cable and is quite different from other...
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    Restoring a 65 Barracuda

    pbiggs, MY 104K mile '65 Barracuda positive battery cable has suffered much over the years. One look at it shows it isn't just any other cable and is quite different from other cables assembly's. Finding the truelly correct cable can make a huge difference. Your old, 2011, post on '65 A-body...
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    Has a lot of old school hot rodding been lost?

    I inherited my older brothers '37 Chevy when I turned 16. Every week I had the pan off filing rod caps. I learned to R&R and rebuild the tranny in 1 1/2 hours. If there was a broken part, I figured out how to fix it. When I bought my first MOPAR, I tinkered with tuning so it would go just a...
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    1st/2nd Gen Barracuda Handling

    In my youth I was obsessed with competition. When Go Karts came on the seen, I had one and had lots of fun racing. Later I stepped up to drag racing, stock cars and then sports cars. Road courses are much more fun than going straight for a few seconds. Fast cars have been my llife. At 83, I...
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    1965 Barracuda dash trivia

    Quit messing with the radio plate. It's the right one! If you keep going, you will be upside down.
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    Crackedback's headlight relay kit

    I installed a similar system on '65, to stop dimmed headlights at idle. It works great and was easy to install. However, several strange things occored. The high beam indicator is out when on high beam and when I installed LED tail light bulbs, the tail lights are on with the ignition.
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    1st/2nd Gen Barracuda Handling

    When I first drove my '65, I notice front end roll. It felt like the front wheels would roll under but it was solid to the ground. The ride was about right for a 100K car. I installed a 1.125 " roll bar. The ride is better and no roll. Faster turns are solid. I've always like MOPAR cars because...
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    65 valiant license plate light assembly

    I lost my license light assy during repaint. I looked for several years before finding one on this forum. I forgot what it looked like and bought several incorrect assy's. I found the correct gasket on eBay so I would find an assy that fit the gasket. The guys on early A-Body are great!
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    Filling up at the gas station

    I had trouble with fuel puching all over when filling. I read most of the posts on this subject and came up with my own soluttion. Here is an easy and quite low cost fix. I also turn the fuel nozzel upside down. Shuts off every time no more puching fuel. Please see: Early A Body fuel Spillage...
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    1963 Barracuda convertible

    The info on this car is in the book "Barracuda Unlocked" that all of you should own. As a very early 'A-Body' lover and convertible lover, I think it is the coooolest ever!
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    1965 Barracuda 273 rebuild...intake code?

    Last spring I installed a 318 Edelbrock spreadbore manifold, that I bought on this forum, on my stock 273. I had no problem with the different bolt size. The bolt holes lined up. I made wedged washers to adjust the angle of the manifold. I also installed a higher lift Comp hydralic cam. I had...
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    66 cuda rear window

    Once you get over the anxiety and realize how easy it is, keep cool while you work and you will fell like an expert when it's done.
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    66 cuda rear window

    There seams to be a stigma about installing glass. I have broken my share of split windshields but one piece windshields are a lot easier to work with. The early Baracuda rear glass is tough as nails because of the shape and thickness. They aren't that hard to find for this reason. They just...
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    904 Shift cable removal

    I just installed a new shift cable. The hard part was snaking it through the tight floor board area. The original cable housing deteriated next to the adjusting wheel assy. I tried all the fixes mentioned, which only work for a short while. Disconnecting the cable spring, in the tranny can be...
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    Sad to see but will happen to most us all

    I retired the first time at 55. After two years, I couldn't stand it and went back to wrenching. I got a job as a mechanic for a used car lot. At 59 I opened a one man restoration shop and did eight body off restorations before hanging it up at 69, when I remarried. I joined Cascade Pacific...
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    Which spacer for 1965 273

    The spacer also helps get a better seal for the carb base.
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    1965 273 Intake Manifold Gaskets

    You might also check with Edelbrock for their thicker gasket which they reccommend using.
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    First non mopar purchase

    '32's are cool no matter what powers it! Congrats! I'm jelous.
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    I used the product that turns black when applyed to rust. I cleaned out the rust pits with a wire wheel until I saw shiny metal and then soaked it with lot and lots of rust stop. I let the surface dry for a couple days and filled the pitting with filler. That was 5 years ago. No signs of bubbling.