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    Pinhole leak in gas tank

    The problem with a pin hole it is the one you can see. How many more are there waiting in the wings.... And welding metal so thin that it is rusted through? Good luck with that....
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    Edelbrock Streetmaster 318

    You wouldn't use a turbo with a SM intake if you have a choice. The turbo is trying to squeeze more air into the engine, & the small runners on the SM are a hindrance to flow. Counterproductive. The intake should be matched to the needs of the engine/owner. You do not put a 4500 rpm intake on an...
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    Edelbrock Streetmaster 318

    I have a book written by Paul Zazarine on the Pontiac GTO. He was a large man & I believe he passed way. Same bloke?
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    torquing intake bolts

    As others have said, with alum just tighten to 25 ft lbs. Use the same bolt size somewhere else where you can use a tq wrench to get a feel for what 25 ft/lbs feels like. Do not forget to recheck bolts, cold, after the engine cools down. Gaskets normally 'settle' & bolts need to be checked. May...
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    Blueprint 408 carburetor

    Cannot believe the ignorant comment in highlight above, post #36. Person might want to learn how an Edel carb works before making himself look stupid with stupid comments.... Look up James Clews posts. He has a 408-410 stroker with an Edel 800 AVS2 & has run some very impressive times.....
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    Thermoquad jets

    QD360, OK, one thing at a time: - that engine will always be 'doggy' down low because of the cam duration & the Victor intake. Advancing the cam, by whatever amount, will only minimally improve low end TQ. - TQs had different size primary air bleeds; larger ABs were used with larger main jets...
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    Thermoquad jets

    What I said in post #3 is going to apply, particularly ign timing. You get the idle timing dialled in first before touching the carb [ centri timing curve & WOT timing comes later.] Idle timing is realllllllly easy. Set initial to about 12* BTDC, not critical. Disconnect & plug VA. Adjust carb...
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    Thermoquad jets

    Have a look on the mounting feet for the model number. It will be 6xxx or 9xxx. You can then find the original specs for that model on line. If the rods you have are not correct for that model, pick the thinnest rods as a starting point. 1966 67/52/45 2005 65/55/40 1996 69/48/35 [ very rich...
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    Thermoquad jets

    If it came with 98 jets, try 101. As a test, if you get any surging at high speed cruise [ 60 mph or over ], screw IN the screw in the rod hangar, 4 turns. This will richen the cruise without stripping the carb. Reset the screw & go to a larger pri jet. This combo will almost certainly need...
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    Blueprint 408 carburetor

    Eggman, A lot of nonsense creeping into this thread. Use the 800 AVS2. Bouncing metering rods as described above, as a reason not use the AVS, only shows that the person making the statement doesn't know how to tune these carbs!!! A 238 @ 050 cam in a 408 isn't going to be that great on idle...
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    Cam gone flat? Here's a interesting video.

    The actual radius on the lifter is not as important as some long as it has a radius [ high point in the centre ]. What it will affect is the speed of rotation of the lifter & long term, possibly how many miles it will do. Doesn't cause a failure during break in. The original 6 pack...
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    I would never use a lock washer inside an engine, such as an oil pump bolt. It has an open end, which can cause it to break & occasionally they do. If the fastener is properly torqued, it should not loosen, negating the need for a lock washer. Plain washers used with steel or c/iron I believe is...
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    Rasp Burr Finish Experiment (Porting)

    I use ATF on porting burrs as well. It stops them from clogging. When I drain an auto trans, I always keep the ATF. Also very good to stop rust forming.
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    Exhaust weight

    Steel & s/steel weigh the same, both have 7.9 gms/per cc density.
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    Anyone in the mood to talk about stock type Mopar ignition boxes ?

    The type of power transistor or whether it is visible should not be a factor in buying 'the box', in my opinion. What is important is the electrical characteristics & if the heat sinking is adequate.
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    Mopar RTV FTW

    Silicon was never designed to be used in the presence of gas or gas fumes. Project Farm always has interesting tests. I do not think he gave the silicons long enough to cure. Hence some were still 'goo-ey' inside. It can take up to 7 days to fully cure.
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    Motor issues.

    MM. Unless you put the engine on a dyno & try different amounts of total timing, there is no way of knowing what that engine wants for max hp. If this is not practical, you need to find similar engine builds & see what timing is being used, & use that as a guide.
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    Motor issues.

    MM, Until you set the lash to the correct amount, stated earlier by me, you should not attempt any tuning of the carb or ign. You think 30* is a lot of initial? My 1966 GTO, as well as millions of other GM cars, drove off showroom floors with well over 20* of initial timing. 26* for my...
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    Motor issues.

    That cam is the old Mopar Perf 296 cam. Lash is 0.028" in, 032" ex hot. With iron heads, you can set the lash cold & it will very close to specs. Vacuum will THEN increase. Note that the cam has a lot of duration; it will need at least 30* for best idle quality & may require more. Set lash...
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    Motor issues.

    [1] Cannot find that Isky cam in my catalog. [2] Lash would be more than 0.006" for any sol lifter cam.
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    Torn between 360/408 and 440

    Both combos have pros & cons. If you want maximum performance, cubic inches always wins. If car handling is important, a lighter/smaller engine wins.
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    Torn between 360/408 and 440

    .....'Course, you could stroke the 440 as well as just rebuilding it....
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    Let's See Your Mopars.. again

    Post #97. Beautiful.
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    Castrol GTX 20-50

    Have to disagree with post #19. Oil viscosity is determined by the oil, not brg clearance. Brg clear determines oil pressure.
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    When did chrysler use a removable bell on an automatic

    The cars that had the cast iron PF & TF [ 1961 was the was the last year ] had studs coming out of the c'ter that bolted to the crank flange, nuts put on from the engine side of the flange. There a short coupling with sealing rings on it that coupled the c'ter hydraulically to the front pump...
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    Mopar bolt Identification assistance needed

    Pretty sure the letters 'TR', 'H' etc are manufacturer markings, the brand name. The three dots or slashes are grade 5, if the bolt has six it is grade 8.
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    B&M vs Transgo opinion and budget $$$

    I like the Transgo kits. Some B & M kits omitted things like accumulator springs for really hard shifts. Sounds tough, but that can shock the trans components & break parts. The T kits seem to have more thought...& more in them. I had the pleasure of speaking with the T...
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    Well, My Demon Died On Me Yesterday

    I mentioned blow-by back in post #75. And it can happen with the PCV hooked up & working, from worn or broken rings. I have seen oil dip sticks pushed out of their tubes from blow by force.
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    Oil pressure question.

    Ya don't need no stinkin' gasket!! We didn't have silicon or Loctite 518 Gasket maker when this engine was designed. Just use a thin smear of either product [ I prefer silicon ]. Keep way from the two oil holes to avoid getting anything in the oil system.
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    Confirm torq. specs.

    And they say 25 because it is alum, & not cast iron.