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    1972 Dart steering box problem

    Sounds like the p/arm is loose on the splines....
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    Aftermarket steering wheels

    You possibly could if you can find the correct size. The one that comes with the updated kit has the Grant logo & it is very nicely made, bot cheap looking like a sticker.
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    Aftermarket steering wheels

    I have a Grant wood wheel on my car, beautifully made. They have a large range of adaptors/install kits to suit most cars. While aftermarket steering wheels often look nice, little attention is given to the horn button...& they often look like a cheap afterthought. I bought the Grant polished...
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    loose bearing race - K/H disc hub

    In post #92. What are the dimensional differences between the two hubs. They look different but that might be because they are castings.
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    loose bearing race - K/H disc hub

    Nobody asked how much 'wobble' the race has. If it has been loose for a long time, there could be a lot of wear. And how would you measure it? If wear is considerable, then three problems present. - how well will Loc seal a large gap, if it can at all - how do you centre the race in a hole that...
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    Veers to the Right

    Agree with others: two separate problems. Concentrate on the veering to the right by itself.