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    65 Dart 273 Commando Ballast Resistor

    That maybe so, but calculating the reqd bal resistor resistance using static numbers will give the wrong value.
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    65 Dart 273 Commando Ballast Resistor

    A couple of comments. - post #7 & 9 have incorrect info. - measuring very low resistances [ less than a couple of ohms ] will give misleading results with a std DVM because they are not very accurate at low ohm readings. I have a special 'low ohm' DVM that is specifically designed to measure...
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    65 Dart 273 Commando Ballast Resistor

    The factory single bal res is 0.5 ohm when used with single point dist.
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    Adjustable upper control arm

    Upper ball joint angle looks severe, might bind.
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    Rear Brake question

    In this country, a 1965 A body had 9" brakes. Maybe the cuda is different...
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    Intermittent running issue on the Dart

    New gas, water in the fuel? This could be many things; check the choke as suggested above. It should be firm, not flopping around, with engine up to temperature.
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    Ute rear window dimensions

    Sorry, cannot help.
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    Street Demon

    It is not too big. Pontiac used a QJ on a 230 cu in engine.
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    64 Valiant Fuel Problems, PLEASE HELP

    Make sure the metal section has not rusted somewhere.
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    64 Dart with 273 4-speed Carb

    Does it have a 'big-ish' cam? That would explain the timing numbers.
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    Proportioning valve or no for 65 Dart disc/drum brake conversion.

    RRR, You are right, a prop valve. For the OP: it is needed with disc/drum combinations because discs need about 50% more line pressure than drum brakes, so pressure to rear brakes is 'proportioned'.
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    64 Dart with 273 4-speed Carb

    Sounds like one of three things: - vapour lock - fuel boiling in carb. Use a 1/4-3/8" insulated base gasket - flooding due to excessive fuel pressure
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    Carb Fuel Evaporation?

    AJ, In the above post you say, 'Do what I do'. If I did that I would have a very sore typing finger, lol....
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    66 valiant no start

    Check the points GAP. It closes up [ no spark & intermittent ] over time because the rubbing block wears down.
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    Gas Gauge/Sending Unit problem

    If you grounded the 'hot' wire, then the gauge should read full, not 1/2 full. So sounds like a gauge or wiring problem.
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    273 rings available?

    Have you checked the Summit website? They have a huge number of sizes in small increments.
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    New carb for 1965 273 4-bbl hi-po package

    Secondaries not opening. Unlikely to see that by winging the throttle because the secs are dependant on air flow; the 273 is a small engine & has less airflow than bigger engines.
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    New carb for 1965 273 4-bbl hi-po package

    Some comments. - You have the BEST carb already for drivability, an AFB style carb. - Rare to see t/shafts wear out on Carter/Edel 4bbl carbs because of the large amount of surface area the shaft has in the alum body. All the Chrysler cars I have worked on had the throttle return spring...
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    65 Valiant Ball and Trunnion Question

    I had the same problem with my 61 Dart years ago. Housing had worn; could not find a new one here. I spaced the housing back 3/8" using spacers on the studs so that the balls ran in a new spot. Fixed it. Probably not ideal but it worked.
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    273 stock coil location hitting vacuum advance

    What you have is an adjustable VA unit. That is the hexagonal shaped extension on the VA unit; the stock VA unit does not have this. The hex extension is just enough to interfere with the coil position.
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    Just thinking

    All Valiants here were RHD & plenty had headers fitted. More skinned knuckles was probably the only downside....
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    Considering ALL the factors of copper v alum for radiators, alum wins out. As long as it is welded/brazed not epoxied. - while copper is a better heat conductor, larger tubes can be used in alum radiators which allow for more efficient fin design, the fins being what actually sheds the heat. -...
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    65 Barracuda - Idle and no start issues

    Not charging? Doesn't this model have a charge [ alt ] light or ammeter to indicate charging? Secondly, OP says the the car started right back up when it first died. Would not expect that if the battery voltage was getting low because the charging system failed.
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    65 Barracuda - Idle and no start issues

    If it has the original points ign, the points gap has probably closed up due to rubbing block wear. Symptom is stalling at idle. If rpms are kept up, centrifugal force + shaft/brg wear keeps the points open enough to provide spark. Come back to idle, & it stalls.