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    FORD Superbird???

    Yeah, not from Canada...unless Canada has right hand drive. They are Aussie all right. Sold in the 70s. It was Ford's attempt to cash in on the fading performance car market.
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    440 source engine packages

    All you need for good dyno numbers is a dyno with a 'happy' knob...
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    Isky cams, how it began.

    There were 9 Iskenderian's in the 2011 Sydney, Australia phone book [ remember them! ].
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    Isky cams, how it began.

    Wow, he is sharp for 101!
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    RIP Dan Jesel

    RIP. How old was he?
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    Damn 'ol Buick straight 8 sounds pretty good.........

    My best friend had one, raved about it.
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    How did the angel get on top of the Christmas Tree?

    This way...
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    To Rusty Rat Rod

    All the best for the festive season from down south..... Cheers.
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    Oil Pump shaft broke

    Why do you need a HV pump?
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    If you are building an engine today (~2023), Professionals are not building Hydraulic FLat Tappet camshaft engines? Don't try?

    Have not read 50+ threads, but professional engine builders have had failures. So it is not break in procedure, wrong oil, heavy springs. It is the lifter quality. I have a set of Crower [ well, they came in a Crower box ] start to fail after a few hundred miles. The lifters were spinning, which...
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    Pretty hot. Just had a wild storm about 10 am, all quiet on the western front now [ 5.30 pm ].....
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    Oops, Thought he was talking about a roller cam, with all the talk about FT cam problems; might still be useful info if the new 'roller' needs a cam replaced....
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    My 315 poly keeps running after everything turned off..

    Sticking starter sol would keep starter engaged... My bet is something to do with how you wired up the elec fuel pump &/OR the new ign switch is wired up wrongly or is faulty.
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    Roller cams come with their own set of problems. They do not have the simplicity of the FT cam/lifter & have a lot more moving parts to fail. Forums everywhere have people complaining about noisy/ticking hyd roller lifters. And those pesky little needle rollers. While it is pretty rare for a...
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    LCA torque

    Iron, I haven't read the whole thread, but could you extend the wrench you are using by slipping a piece of pipe [ or similar ] over it to exert more leverage without busting yourself. I do this on the dampener nut on my GTO, 160 ft lb reqd, 9/16" NF thread. Exact tq on that big nut would not...
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    Thermoquad 1966 Metering Rods

    ^^^^. This. Spark plug conversion charts [ between brands ] are an approximation. For Chry V8s, a '5' in the NGK range is best, in the NGK catalog. If road racing [ continuous WOT ] or using a power adder, then a colder plug such as a 6 or 7 may be reqd. I am in the process of building a brand X...
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    Thermoquad 1966 Metering Rods

    Quick, You cannot judge the carb just by jetting alone. The earlier 6000 series carbs that I have seen had smaller primary high speed air bleeds. They are easily seen with m/rod inspection covers removed; they are a brass insert, next to the side wall of the choke tower, near the inspection...
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    Thermoquad 1966 Metering Rods

    Rumble, You must be eating some of that horse **** & it is affecting your brain....I do not need to read again what you keep getting wrong.... You must have fallen asleep in the maths class at school..... One last try before I stop wasting time with you. Your quote: 100 jet, 66...
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    Thermoquad 1966 Metering Rods

    So as per my post #8, less than a 1/3 increase in fuel area, not the triple increase nonsense at the end of post #11.
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    Thermoquad 1966 Metering Rods

    Sorry, the bottom line figure above of 16% is incorrect, should be 27%.
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    Thermoquad 1966 Metering Rods

    Rumble fish. Post #8. Not crazy at all for the purpose of testing to see if a richer mixture improves/stops pinging. I have done it, many times. Just because you have not done it does not mean it doesn't work. Your post 9 & 11 are just nonsense. There is no such thing as the 'total area of the...
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    Thermoquad 1966 Metering Rods

    Yes, you will be fine. Just cruise at light throttle [ you are on the idle cct still ] to your test area & then mash the throttle. I have a feeling it will still ping because it is not a mixture issue.
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    Thermoquad 1966 Metering Rods

    That combo [ the Victor ] would probably want richer jetting. Try running it without the met rods, which will richen it up.......or put the old carb back on.
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    Thermoquad 1966 Metering Rods

    Yes, it will be richer at cruise & WOT. What are you trying to do?
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    Thermoquad 1966 Metering Rods

    Try Woodruff, sponsor of this forum.
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    I hate global warming

    The problem with breaking 'weather' records.....such as the 1885 record in post #16. What about the temp in 686 AD???? At the end of 2022 when most of us will be gone, all cars are electric etc, no coal or gasoline & the temp is still rising....what will they blame then???
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    Jerry Lee Lewis Dead at 87

    The greatest piano player of all time. As Solomon Burke said, often initated, never duplicated. He put his name in almost every song because he knew he was numero uno & nobody could challenge him. - Elvis called him a genius - John Lennon kissed his feet.
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    EVs and The Bug Out

    And when 2100 begins, & we are all dead & gone, everything has been electric for 60 yrs, & the temp is still rising, what will they blame then???
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    EVs and The Bug Out

    And what EVs & bush [ wild ] fires? Power has been cut, so soon the batteries in the fire trucks will be flat, 'cos those water pumps eat electricity. Or floods. Rescue boats powered by paddle-power? None of this has been thought out......or planned for.
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    Sad find

    Be a great project for somebody who owns a 'Let us fix your corrosion' business......