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  1. ACME A12

    Re using cast iron rings?

    Cannot be expressed in any more succinct fashion than this...
  2. ACME A12

    Added another ride to the fleet.

    Colin, I hope that you get as many good years out of her we as we did. ANY QUESTIONS WHATSOEVER just ping me. I knew that she was going to a good home. She looks right at home sitting next to your beautiful Demon.
  3. ACME A12

    Need a stroker test car

    I'm waiting for the "Gotcha!!!" follow-up post on this one. Dood cannot be serious...
  4. ACME A12

    current muscle car values

    Nailed it.
  5. ACME A12

    72 340 4sd Duster VIN location

    Nice score, Roy. Details please... :D
  6. ACME A12

    Passion 4 Mopars????

    After reading this thread and others like it on other forums I decided to go with Topher McGinnis (The Headlight Motor Man) to have my 3-speed motor restored for my A12. I made a wise choice. Very fair price and easy to deal with. From this to this...
  7. ACME A12

    Lee Iacocca passes

  8. ACME A12

    Open invitation to come to the Sunshine state

    Nailed it. Head to the garage on the weekends just after sun up and get the flock out of there by noon...
  9. ACME A12

    Finally getting to it!!! 1970 Duster 340

    I bought a stripe kit from them for my '98 Ram SS/T just a few years ago. The original silver stripes lasted 15+ years in the Florida sun. PG's repops didn't even make it 3. Shoddy.
  10. ACME A12

    Not feeling the LOVE!

    Happy belated B-Day, Roy! Were you at the Sumter County Swap Meet yesterday? We went for a couple of hours yesterday morning. My stainless guy is always there and I dropped off the windshield trim for the GTS 'vert. We're taking it to Cruising the Coast this year so I'm trying to clean up a...
  11. ACME A12

    More and more disgusted with local used pickup prices...and choice

    A few years ago I sold a caged and tubbed Pro-Street Z-28 through Gateway Classic Cars. When I pulled onto their lot with the Camaro on the trailer behind my '98 SS/T they were more interested in consigning the SS/T than they were the Camaro...
  12. ACME A12

    68 twin turbo dart project.

    I want to tag along... :D
  13. ACME A12

    I think this dog hates me

    Beautiful puppy, Steve! These guys are all gone now, but not a day goes by that I don't miss them... Always loved GSDs. My first one was a retired Military K9 when I was a teenager in the Philippines back in the seventies. She got me hooked... Never had an Australian Shepherd, but he sounds...
  14. ACME A12

    8 3/4 for sale rare piece

    Holy crap that is unbelievable! You guys came up with some pretty clever replies too I might add... :D
  15. ACME A12

    OOOH, this is weird- not mine -factory 360 Valiant 4D !!!

    What a hoot that thing could be...
  16. ACME A12

    Keep it stock, or make it your own?

    This has been an interesting thread minus the comments of one a$$-clown. For me: I like them original. I like them restored. I like them "Day Two". I like them modified. I like them race-ready. I just like them period.
  17. ACME A12

    [Found!] Green 1970 Duster Horn Button

    Steve - I got the steering wheel and horn button today. The button was mint just like you said. Thanks for hooking me up! Ray
  18. ACME A12

    Bad dealings with Superbeesrt8 Beware!

    Only one "k" in cunstrukshun... Looks like the spelling cops have to get involved now too... :D
  19. ACME A12

    68 dart front end on 73

    If he does it for you it'll end up painted black and silver or black and orange...he doesn't seem to know any other paint schemes... :D
  20. ACME A12

    1968 GTS emblems

    2785749 RED AAAG 2579804 BLK PMC1 DPCD
  21. ACME A12

    Do you like the styling of the aborted '62 Plymouth Super Sport?

    I think Exner and his minions had discovered the powers of psychedelic drugs long before Timothy Leary, Hendrix, or the Beatles... :D
  22. ACME A12

    68 dart front end on 73

    Nice progress. :thumbsup:
  23. ACME A12

    1968 GTS emblems

    It's hidden in the recessed part. Easy to miss.
  24. ACME A12

    Bad dealings with Superbeesrt8 Beware!

    Not a single period or comma. I'm pretty sure that you aren't getting a paragraph out of him any time soon... :lol:
  25. ACME A12

    68 dart front end on 73

    So true.
  26. ACME A12

    1968 GTS emblems

    The 383 emblems are the exact same castings with two different part numbers on them. One for red and one for black.
  27. ACME A12

    1968 GTS emblems

    I have been pondering these exact same questions. Ours has Red GTS emblems and black 383 emblems - but they are all reproductions installed by the PO. Just this past weekend I scored a NOS set of red 383 emblems at a swap meet so I will be installing those so that everything matches. I sure...
  28. ACME A12

    Torque specs

    It sounds like you've been peeking over my shoulder...that seems to be my standard modus operandi...:D
  29. ACME A12

    Show us your Convertible Dart's

    The wife's '68 GTS 383 4-speed. I just put the Cragars on it for her for Christmas. Came with painted steelies and dog dishes. We have those too.
  30. ACME A12

    New Member From The Philippines

    Welcome Thomas. I lived in the P.I. when I was a teenager back in the '70s. My dad was stationed at Clark AB. I'd love to go back some day - I know that it has changed a lot since I was last there. Good luck with the Dart!