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  1. moppi

    [FOR SALE] Convertible switch harness

    Good used 65-66 A-body convertible power top switch wire harness. $50 + shipping
  2. moppi

    [SOLD] holley 650 spreadbore

    Well preserved holley 650 spreadbore carb. List 7002-1 (date code 2609) Ready with new gasket $150.00 + Shipping
  3. moppi


    Well preserved used Holley carb, date 346 7 (The 346th day of 1967) This carburetor was factory installed on many 1968 Chrysler models with a 383-440 engine. All gone through, new gaskets ready to rock $150 + shipping
  4. moppi

    [WANTED] Bearing preload adjuster

    Thanks, then I only need 1 side bearing preload adjuster
  5. moppi

    [WANTED] Bearing preload adjuster

    Do need 1. pair MOPAR 8 3/4 " differential side bearing preload adjuster.
  6. moppi

    [SOLD] 8 3/4” 29 spline yoke. 7290

    Hi,do you still have it?
  7. moppi

    [WANTED] Dana power lok sure grip

    Need empty clutch-type Dana powr-lok housing for 8 3/4. To FL.34249 Thanks
  8. moppi

    [WANTED] 489 empty case

    Case solved,found one.
  9. moppi

    [WANTED] 489 empty case

    Do wanna buy empty 489 case,ship to FL.34249 Thanks
  10. moppi

    [WANTED] 489 empty case

    Need so much 489 empty case for 8 3/4" rearend. Shipping would be to FL.34249 Thanks.
  11. moppi

    [SOLD] 742 case

    I will buy just the housing empty 742 case
  12. moppi

    [SOLD] Dana Power-Lok (# 2881487) 8 3/4 clutch SG Parts

    If it is still for sale,I will take it.
  13. moppi

    [FOR SALE] 741 3rd member

    Do still have it?
  14. moppi

    [SOLD] Another 489 clean and prepped 8 3/4 case

    What is your price for 742 and shipping to Iceland
  15. moppi

    [SOLD] Another 489 clean and prepped 8 3/4 case

    Do you have any case left 742 or 489?
  16. moppi

    Hurst shifter

    Thanks all,seem I have no need for it,what should it worth if I sell it?
  17. moppi

    Hurst shifter

    Need little help here,can anyone tell me if this is shifter for mopar. If so what body and year. Thanks.
  18. moppi

    [FOR SALE] Muncie M22

    Have for sale close ratio Muncie M22,did buy it few years back and it was newly rebuild. Where in my Camaro 70 one summer,did try to powershift it but did not went well, syncro ring is not good in second gear,but could shift to second gear. $1.000.00+shipping CHANCE MY MIND,NOT FOR SALE...
  19. moppi

    [FOR SALE] GM to mopar adapter plate

    Have for sale adapter plate, to put a Mopar 833 gearbox up to a Chev / GM bell $100.00+shipping Location: Iceland Thanks
  20. moppi

    [SOLD] MSD 6AL

    $230.00 must go
  21. moppi

    [SOLD] MSD 6AL

    Sorry put in wrong price $270.00 + shipping
  22. moppi

    [SOLD] MSD 6AL

    All in full working order when taken from car. Msd 6AL 6420 Msd Adjustable timing control,msd 5,6,7 part 8680 Msd Tach adaptor part 8920 Msd3 step moduel selector w/pill 3000-6000 part 8737 3 box Rpm module kit 4000,6000,7000 series cable from ignition to clove box Radio noise capacitor part...
  23. moppi

    Hi,need 489 empty case,shipping would be to Iceland. Can you help? Thanks.moppi

    Hi,need 489 empty case,shipping would be to Iceland. Can you help? Thanks.moppi
  24. moppi

    8 3/4 cone-type

    Hi,need to shim my repaired cone-type posi. Was wondering if some one here could help me out? I did order on ebay EOAZ-4A324-G ,Ford steel shim.025,but the outer diameter is to large for cone, so my questions are,I do have shim from Chrysler 9 1/4 differental spider gear package,are they made of...
  25. moppi

    [SOLD] Nice 8 3/4 cone sure grip

    Just south of Iceland is a small island called Vestmannaeyjar(Heimaey) :hello2: to all Mopar loving people.