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  1. MikeStahl

    [SOLD] Wilwood rear brake kit NEW

    Sold...Thx 73smallblock and FABO
  2. MikeStahl

    [SOLD] Wilwood rear brake kit NEW

    Selling this wilwood rear brake this kit on a rear end that I bought, it's been installed but never run....was wrong offset for axles....short story...bought new kit for mine wilwood kit have all hardware, for 8.75 & Dana offset is 2.36, rotor dia 11.44 for green bearing with...
  3. MikeStahl

    [SOLD] Ross Flat top Pistons NEW

    Sale pending....upon received payment Thanks FABO
  4. MikeStahl

    [SOLD] Ross Flat top Pistons NEW

    Free Shipping!!! $525.00 to your door in the USA
  5. MikeStahl

    [SOLD] Ross Flat top Pistons NEW

    Selling Ross Pistons, for stroker Brand New...$689.00 at summit RB 4.15 stroke 6.76 rod with .990 pin 1.865 CH $525.00 plus the ride Can do Paypal or M.O. thx Mike
  6. MikeStahl

    [SOLD] 440 Wiseco pistons

    Sale pending upon receiving payment
  7. MikeStahl

    [SOLD] New PEP I Beams rods

    New price.....$350.00 Shipped!!!! Continental USA
  8. MikeStahl

    Roller lifters on mechanical cam?

    That's one way to eliminate the competition....!!!!!!!
  9. MikeStahl

    [SOLD] 440 Wiseco pistons

    for sale Wiseco pistons for 440 K375A55 Bore 4.375 Pin .990 CH 2.060 10cc Dome $300.00 plus shipping THX FABO Mike
  10. MikeStahl

    [SOLD] Eddy BB intake NEW

    SOLD! thx 68Dodge
  11. MikeStahl

    [SOLD] Eddy BB intake NEW

    Selling Edelbrock Victor intake #2954 New in the box $200.00 plus shipping THX FABO Mike
  12. MikeStahl

    [SOLD] BB B1 Valve covers NEW

    Selling BB B1 valve covers NEW $150.00 plus shipping THX FABO Mike
  13. MikeStahl

    [SOLD] New PEP I Beams rods

    Selling this set brand new...just went a diff way .990 pin BB mopar std big end #CR3-6760-I from pep Got these From Mike at MRL ready to go $360.00 plus the ride ?'s pls THX FABO
  14. MikeStahl

    [SOLD] Bullet Roller lifters New BB

    Selling brand new set of solid Bullet roller lifters, they are made by Morel #4730 $300.00 plus the ride THX FABO Mike
  15. MikeStahl

    [SOLD] 440 Rotating assy Bal

    Selling 440 rotating balanced r some details Steel crank .010 .010 just had polished 6 pack rods polished & shot peened & bushed .990 pin arp pro series wave-loc bolts Wiseco pistons 4.375 .990 pin 10cc Dome with coated skirts $750.00 plus shipping THX FABO Mike
  16. MikeStahl

    [SOLD] Indy 440-1 heads with T&D rockers

    Saw these to late but I'll get in line too
  17. MikeStahl

    does crankcase need evac system on street with mufflers?

    Here's a great artical that might be helpful
  18. MikeStahl

    [SOLD] Barry Grant 850 holley

    NEW PRICE $400.00 Shipped!!!
  19. MikeStahl

    [SOLD] Chris Alston race steering cloumn kit

    I have a Alston steering Column kit never used just as it comes from Alston sec Un joint is for mustang/pinto $375.00 shipped in the USA here's the link feel...
  20. MikeStahl

    4:56 gears forsale

    What Brand gears are they? Mike
  21. MikeStahl


    trying get a hold of him...if someone has a phone number ? tried his site and here... thx Mike
  22. MikeStahl

    Any bowling people,here??????.

    this was when things where good 1981...I think...sponsor in place and sad tale no collage and injury that never Oh and for the lefties.....that's the easy
  23. MikeStahl

    [SOLD] Race throttle pedal

    if Taz doesn't want it i'll take it Ken
  24. MikeStahl

    [SOLD] Headliner bows

    Pm sent to es518 Bows SOLD....THX ws518 & FABO
  25. MikeStahl

    400 block

    10.72 for the 440 and 9.98 for 400 block
  26. MikeStahl

    [SOLD] Barry Grant 850 holley

    Have a Barry Grant 850 holley for sale, Just came off of a 440 12.8 to 1..iron head roller motor that ran 10.70s in a RR auto car very clean and ready....has had 110 fuel only ran thru it, carb just came off the motor less than a month ago...can be bolted and go $475.00 shippied Thx...FABO Mike