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    Stripping methods?

    Have it dipped in caustic solution electrolysis tank purpose built for cars. They are out there, do your research. Removes paint, body filler and all rust.
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    Bernoulli and 350 ft/s, 146 cfm/in²

    I admire your deep thought that goes into all this. I’m going to have to delve into this post later tonight at the end of my day and try to bring my level of deep thinking to your level(wish me good luck). Vastly interested subject for me. Looking forward to opening the door and “break on...
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    Owner hoping for 50k?

    Brazilian detailing company. And I have heard that they pay stupid prices for cars in Mexico and South America.
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    How much would you pay for this 340?

    Hard to say, I know I like $500 as a price. I’d go there with tools, make sure it turns over a dozen times, pull the valve cover and take a good look with a flashlight. Maybe even pull the oil pan. Lots can happen after 6 years.
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    Painting steel rims and baking the paint.

    VHT high heat paint, follow the directions. You usually can find an old scrap oven on the side of the road if you look hard enough, I know I did, I got 2 of them.
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    Enlarging PRP doesn't always help

    I’m not shy, I spout off plenty(god forgive me). I’m just reading and digesting.
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    Enlarging PRP doesn't always help

    Wow. And Remember that I have boatloads of questions you guys already have answers to.
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    Enlarging PRP doesn't always help

    From what I understand, flow gains doesn’t trump port energy and efficiency. I believe that comes from trying to equalize port speeds throughout all areas of the port and trying to keep speeds around 300 for stockish size ports (with in reason for porting with available meat to port).
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    New tool. CAT D6B

    I am sooooooo jealous. Hell here I come for coveting my neighbors goods.
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    [FOR SALE] ld340 intake

    Is that painted or vapor blasted?
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    The Verdit Is In!!!!!!!!

    Wow, that car is a beauty.
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    One of the first 340?

    If it is an early 340 block AND it was a 4 speed car, it may have a rare wilder cam than the 68 4 speed cam.
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    One of the first 340?

    You need a better picture of the casting date.
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    The Verdit Is In!!!!!!!!

    My first problem would be where do I keep it. If I had room, this would be coming home with me.
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    Napa Gold now made in china

    Not so, a lot of companies have left China for Mexico. Masterlock has. Abbvie also pulled their diagnostic labs as well. There are more. The Chinese are thieves and the word is out. They reverse engineer product and counterfeit for profit. If it is intellectual property, you are screwed. You...
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    Deepest sympathy to you and yours. I know what a difficult time this can be as my dad just passed last Sunday at 96.
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    New member

    Welcome to our family.
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    D100 rearend in A body

    My 79 D100 came with an 8 1/4.
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    And go....

    That I’m not sure of and I don’t know how DLC would wear on DLC coatings.
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    And go....

    Diamond like coating. Stupid hard and wear resistant and slipperier than goose ****.
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    And go....

    Any of the cam manufactures that offer DLC coated lifters. Or go to ricks mopars on eBay, he has small block lifters for $108 and have them coated. Any tool and die supply house will know where to have them coated.
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    Steve magnante's 1962 dodge dart police car

    Dude needs to start a go fund me page. There’s a lot of love for him out there. Hate to see him sell off his whole life’s work.
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    [WANTED] NOS wiper arms found!

    Rock auto has/had them last time I looked and they were much less $ if I remember correctly.
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    Another day of maintenance. This time my flowbench

    Where did you get the plans or ideas to build this bench?
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    Re-Drilling Hubs

    It will be alright if its done right. I recommend leaving the old studs in and cutting off the threaded part to give the old holes integrity. Space the new holes evenly between the old holes. If this is a car with 9 inch drums, I would upgrade the spindles and everything to 10 inch drums and if...
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    [FOR SALE] 1970 Dart Swinger $2500

    H code car?
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    Blue pill or red pill = 675 or 920

    Best if you just ship them 920’s to me.
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    Anyone done a strong 400 build ?

    More like the 30 plus bears.
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    not sure what to think ??

    Bad as chevy cowl induction on a mopar.