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  1. justcuz

    [WANTED] 2nd swarm Rumble Bee

    Looking for a clean 2nd swarm yellow Rumble Bee 4x4 pls pm with info
  2. justcuz

    [WANTED] Dodge Demon or Duster 4 speed found on local Kijiji ..... not my ad
  3. justcuz

    WTB front sway bar brackets

    looking for front sway bar brackets that hold the bushings in to fit my 71 Demon 340
  4. justcuz


    looking for one in nice shape to fit my 71 Demon
  5. justcuz

    WTB - Fender Covers

    thanks FABO
  6. justcuz

    Black front pillar trim in black

    looking for a set of trim pieces to fit my 71 Demon
  7. justcuz

    WTB 340 MP valve covers

    looking for a set of valve covers in near new condition. pls PM with info. thanks.
  8. justcuz

    71 Demon hood latch parts

    I am looking for a release rod and a latch as shown in pic pls pm thanks
  9. justcuz

    Wanted: single alternator pulley

    I have a double alternator pulley on my car now but I just need a single pulley anyone want to trade or have one kicking around they don't need it is to fit a 71 Demon 340 thanks
  10. justcuz

    WTB 71 Demon...found ad online

    1971 Dodge Demon 340 I would like to find an original 1971 Dodge Demon .I want an original 340 car but it doesn't need to be numbers matching.I will consider automatic or manual trans.Please email any info to [email protected] not my ad
  11. justcuz

    fan shroud

    looking for a 22" fan shroud to fit my 71 Demon 340 Chrysler part# 2998325 pls PM with details
  12. justcuz

    door lock set with working keys

    looking for a set of door locks with working keys for a 71 Demon thnx
  13. justcuz

    A body hood latch and hood catch

    looking for the above for my 71 Denom i think most A bodies will fit need the hood latch, the hood catch and the safety thanks
  14. justcuz

    WTB 1971-1973 Plymouth Duster

    looking to purchase a 1971/72/73 Plymouth Duster true H code car, mechanically sound in good overall shape no rust, or major accidents prefer a driver car Pls PM with your location / contact info, details of car and asking price Serious cash buyer
  15. justcuz

    WTB 71/72 Duster true H code car

    looking to purchase a 1971/72 Plymouth Duster body and mechanically sound in good overall shape no rust,major accidents or total loss prefer a driver and not a trailer queen pls provide pics of interior, under hood, trunk area, pics of all 4 sides, and underneath the car, your...