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  1. moparlewellen

    [FOR SALE] $500 15” mag style wheels 5x4 pattern

    For sale is 4 total mag wheels for sale. 5x4 bolt pattern. 2x front 15x6” and 2x rear 15x7” wheels with tires. 15x6 are 3.75 backspace and 15x7 are 4.00” backspace. Tires on it are 10 years old. 205/65 r15 front and 215/70 r15 rear. The need a good aluminum polish but otherwise in good shape...
  2. moparlewellen

    360 Piston Depth

    Thats what I figured, I found some kieth black pistons that are a little more than .100" taller than the ones I got for around $260. Those will bring me up to 10:1 with a .04 gasket, 5 cc piston dish and a 64 cc head. Those indy heads will have to wait till tax return season....haha. I did...
  3. moparlewellen

    360 Piston Depth

    Hey all, I got a 360 for my 71 dart at a machine shop here in town. $600 got me the block bored .030 over, crank, rods with new speed pro cast pistons installed, and the rest of the rebuild kit. I got the whole bottom end together and I went to measure the piston depth, had to use my dial...