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  1. Alvin

    face book find of the day

    That's a rare one. Probably a 440 six pack hemi crank....
  2. Alvin

    Add Your Own Caption Part 335

    "You cross threaded it..."
  3. Alvin

    funny pictures

    At home....
  4. Alvin

    Add Your Own Caption Part 332

    Free beer until you think I'm pretty....
  5. Alvin

    Add Your Own Caption Part 324

    * And that concludes the "Mustang leaving a car show" demonstration*
  6. Alvin


    Sounds like this is the one to get
  7. Alvin


    yes and no, they still leak oil from the cam cases and timing chain cover, not usually from the head gaskets. not a pressure leak, just minor dripping. Expensive to fix, usually runs about $3500 at the shop all said and done. STILL A GOOD CAR!
  8. Alvin


    The early chain engines-2010 and up tended to consume excessive amounts of oil. If it consumes oil the easy way to reduce it is to change from 0w20 to 5w30 oil and shorten the change interval
  9. Alvin


    Wrong era, this one has the chain engine.
  10. Alvin

    Heart valve replacement, anyone had one?

    I go in Aug 7th for Aortic valve replacement. Looking forward to it...
  11. Alvin

    Old school rules

    Thats cool!
  12. Alvin

    Expensive week

    13 tires for me this spring.... 4 on the Dart 4 on the Vette 5 on the Model A
  13. Alvin

    Random pictures thread

    From the looks of that, shouldn't it be - 1 is good, 2 is GOODER ?:rofl:
  14. Alvin

    Add Your Own Caption Part 315

    Not too much further and i'll be able to hook up the boat and go to the lake for some water skiing
  15. Alvin

    C4 crap box kick around...

    Get one. Preferrably 92-96 with the LT1. I have a 95. Love it for a fun driver. Rattles alot like all plastic cars over bumps. Mid 20's mpg all day long. When you first start driving one they are unimpressive until you start working them. The harder you drive it the better it gets. Clover leafs...
  16. Alvin

    Add Your Own Caption Part 303

    I wonder if that stain will come out
  17. Alvin

    Cool, brilliant design, Subaru..........!!!NOT!!!

    Park can be engaged, there is a place to use a small screwdriver or pen to bypass the shift lock and put it in park. All you have to do is look in the owners manual.
  18. Alvin

    Add Your Own Caption Part 302

    And that's why I let her make me carry this ******* cat like this....
  19. Alvin

    I wonder if this comes in 3X

    Please don't , I only have one set of eyes and I don't want to have to gouge them out :lol:
  20. Alvin

    Random pictures thread

  21. Alvin

    I miss those days

  22. Alvin


    POWERFUL ! Tears in my eyes...
  23. Alvin

    Add Your Own Caption Part 252

    Sale on hood scoops at Walmart
  24. Alvin

    Really EBay? No Thanks!

    PHISHING SCAM, not ebay
  25. Alvin

    My kid hit Mach 0.85 in airplane!

    I hit mach 0.136849 in my Cessna the other day....:lol:
  26. Alvin

    Hockey fights

    I once went to a fight and a hockey game broke out...