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    [WANTED] 1967 225/6 main bearing set forged crank

    .01. Sorry I don’t know what happened with the post
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    [WANTED] 1967 225/6 main bearing set forged crank

    Just got my crankshaft for my 225 slant six back from the machine shop. Rods and mains were done 0.01
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    [WANTED] ISO trunk lid trim brackets 67 barracuda

    I have a 67 barracuda fast back. The long piece of trim on the trunk lid has a few mounting brackets on the back of it. They have rusted and fallen off. I’ve done some internet searches but haven’t found any. If anyone has any ideas and can point me in the direction of them or if I should just...
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    ISO 67 barracuda trunk lid trim brackets

    I have a 67 barracuda. The big piece of trim on the truck lid that has the key hole cut out has brackets on the back and were rusted and fell apart. I tried some online searching and couldn’t find them. I was wondering if anyone has come across these brackets and if so could point me in their...
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    Rear main seal retainer

    I need a real main seal retainer for my 225 slant six from 1967. I can’t find one online and don’t know where to go from here.
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    67 barracuda with a 225

    I need a part number for the clutch. It’s a 67 barracuda 225 3 speed manual transmission