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  1. cosgig

    65 Commando stock brake set up

    To answer to the missing pieces…9” drum brakes do not have wheel cylinder push rods. The piston in the wheel cylinder is flat on the outside facing the shoe, and there is a tab on the shoe that is pushed by the flatted piston end. All V8 A body cars came with 10” brakes, front and rear.
  2. cosgig

    User Moparofficial not responding..

    Well, when I’m up north working, I can call home, if I stand perfectly still, find a place that has service, and even then it usually drops the call. Internet? Forget it. So, he can maybe call his wife and tell her to pause the shipment, but where’s the package by the time that happens? See...
  3. cosgig

    User Moparofficial not responding..

    You’re missing the part where the seller read that the part was not correct for the buyers application, but he already gave the part to his buddy at FedEx to ship. Then he called his buddy to stop the shipping So it wouldn’t be delivered, probably because he felt as if he would refund the money...
  4. cosgig

    User Moparofficial not responding..

    I guess if you gave me negative feedback and started this thread before we worked it out, I would just send you the pet and let you deal with it. You’ve been around here, you’ve seen him post….a LOT, so are you in such a hurry to get your money back that you can’t wait until he does message you...
  5. cosgig

    Facebook scammer Red 67 Dart Convertible part out

    He and his buddies have infiltrated the Roadrunner and GTX site as well, posting that Dart, and a bunch of other wrecked cars as well. I posted a link to this thread and a warning to the members there. Let’s hope this shuts down this bullshit from Mike and his buddy, who’s name is John White...
  6. cosgig

    Oil Light comes on.

    The oil light on my 66 signet stays on when running. I’ve changed the sender a couple of times, and have traced the wire, no breaks in the wire. Oil is full, no problems with the engine, so I just drive it that way.
  7. cosgig

    Alternative to Bright Dip Anodizing Trim

    I would do as Super-Cuda suggests. And yes, I remember the paste wax thing now, and the clear coat problem. I think it was the long lost member “Mullinax” who fist did a tutorial on this, with almost exactly the same directions as @Super-Cuda offered.
  8. cosgig

    Alternative to Bright Dip Anodizing Trim

    Yes, it’s been done for a couple decades now in the 67-69 Barracuda ranks. Word in the street is you strip the anodizing with Easy Off oven cleaner. in the yellow can only, then polish and clear coat the entire unit. Maybe a little practice run first on some banged up trim.
  9. cosgig

    What is code?

    You can get a nice pencil rubbing from the back too.
  10. cosgig

    Kind of back, trying to restart the harness stuff

    We missed you Rob, and I’m glad to hear at least some of the medical issues are in the past. Welcome back, we saved you the easy chair.
  11. cosgig

    Project Notes from a Rallye Dash Overhaul including Gauges, LED Lighting Upgrade, & RetroSound...

    Here’s a little fun we had awhile back while 3 of us were redoing our Rallye dashes! My New FABO Reality Show...Rani, I'ma Callin' You Out!!!
  12. cosgig

    This was in for Alignment, anybody here own it?

    383 auto, 69 fastback, really nice car too. SE Michigan!
  13. cosgig

    [WANTED] 67 Cuda Door Checks

    There is no such piece that does the job you describe. On the lower hinge in your pic is the only hinge control on these cars, the double wheel and bar that holds the door open. I thought you were referring to the wedges on the door jamb side that align the convertible doors when closed.
  14. cosgig


    I’m inheriting 9 different 8 3/4” rear ends this weekend in a clean out of a friends Mopar stuff. I’m in Michigan also, near Ann Arbor. I don’t want to walk in Sinisters offer tho, so follow through with him. You can message me if that doesn’t work out.
  15. cosgig

    New to the Forums

    I would like to officially welcome you to the site, and say…that is one super Cool car. You really found yourself a gem there, I hope the big cars will open their hearts and let that beauty in the garage!
  16. cosgig


    You’re good with me, Dan. I don’t have anybody on ignore, and don’t really even know how to do that. We’re all a little quirky in this world, so don’t sweat it too much!
  17. cosgig

    Any value in stock commando 273 exhaust?

    It is worthy of a sale. I would buy it if I was anywhere near you, but I’m in Michigan. I saved my original H pipe setup from my Roadrunner, not sure why, but I just couldn’t let it go!
  18. cosgig

    Heart Attack

    You’re in my prayers bud, hoping for The best outcome possible.
  19. cosgig

    Racing Fuel

    The new store here in Pinckney has 110 VP gas, and my car is loving it. We’re about 20 min north of Ann Arbor. The Sunoco station at Territorial and 23 stocks 110 during the summer, that’s about 5 minutes north of Ann Arbor. I would call first tho, to make sure they have it.
  20. cosgig

    69 AMX

    My buddy has been searching for an AMX like the one he had when he was younger. His major stipulation was that it be a Mark Donahue edition in either blue or butterscotch. Low and behold, I find this car in Hell, Michigan, about 4 miles from our town. We went to look at it, and by the next day...
  21. cosgig

    Front and rear screen seals - quality matters

    Just guessing here, but with a super expensive rear piece, it must be a 65/66 hard top? If so, the rear is not being reproduced for either year as far as I know. But I would use Steele Rubber products for the front, and pray like hell the rear can be reused. If it’s any other year, Steele is...
  22. cosgig

    best hi flow ex manifold/drivers side

    I don’t believe any of those manifolds will fit into an early A body and clear the steering shaft and frame rail on the drivers side. Maybe a post from @Treblig can shed some light on this.
  23. cosgig

    Been awhile

    The “what’s the biggest tire I can fit under my________” is still raging on, so if you need help with that, we’re thinking of making a sticky out of that. Should be about 400 pages long! Glad to have you back with us, you can relax and be among friends here. Sorry to hear about your trials in...
  24. cosgig

    340 exhaust heat shield needed for Van's to repop.

    He showed me the piece, it was either already in production, or he was ready to pop them out. He was just asking me what price I would pay for them, and if his target price was too high. I believe his target price was $189, at the time I thought that was pretty high for essentially what is...
  25. cosgig

    340 exhaust heat shield needed for Van's to repop.

    My buddy Tom Weidman was repopping these about 5 years ago. He worked for Mancini and was trying to get them to stock them. He showed me the prototype, but I’ve not seen them for sale….ever. Wonder what happened?
  26. cosgig

    Parts Cache

    That’s a lot of heavy items, most not shippable. However, there’s a lot of good stuff there, and probably worth the $20k, and enough left over to make a profit. But with the engines, you’re looking at pickup only, unless you plan on a lot of freight shipping. At $20k, I would probably pass...
  27. cosgig

    Old cluster bombs

    Naw, but we did miss you! Glad to have you back among us!
  28. cosgig

    [WANTED] 66 Cuda Headlight Bezels

    This is a Valiant bezel on my 66 Cuda. The inner lip is not a deep as a Barracuda bezel, and it has a slight scallop on that side because the bezel is meant to sit flat on the Valiant grille, and the scallop matches up to one of the fins. I have a couple of undented Barracuda bezels, but the...
  29. cosgig

    No Valiant Love?

    That little car sure is turning out nice!
  30. cosgig

    No Valiant Love?

    Holy smokes! I say that little red car sure grew up through the years!