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  1. harvenator

    How does this look?

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    Question: What is the Best timing chain setup LA or Magnum

    Put a gear drive in with a later model oil pump and never worry about opening up the cam chest again.
  3. harvenator

    Turning torque for engine

    That was exactly my thought. Collapsed hose when it hers hot and soft.
  4. harvenator

    Rear end

    Pull your cover and evaluate what you have before you start spending $'s on something you may not need.
  5. harvenator

    Doug's headers and mini-starters

    When I swapped from a 6 to V8 in my 65 Barracuda 4 speed, I reused the stock 6 starter for several years and replaced it with a mini when it finally crapped out.
  6. harvenator

    zinc oil useage?

    Royal Purple HPS (HI performance street) has extra zddp in it. I run it in my Harleys.
  7. harvenator

    [FOR SALE] Rare early 273 2bbl intake $100+ride.

    Up for sale is a rare early 273 intake in excellent condition. Bolt holes look to be unmolested. Part # 2463252
  8. harvenator

    Shop insulating advice

    Spray foam.
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    [FOR SALE] 1967 Dodge Dart Convertible

    IF you happen to find out lemme know. I'd like to upgrade if you happen to have a larger rear than 7.25
  10. harvenator

    [FOR SALE] 1967 Dodge Dart Convertible

    What rear end?
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    Recommendations for outdoor storage shed

    Best storage solution I've seen are shipping containers. Ypu can get a short or long one. Nice floor, weather proof, wide doors to get in and out. They're over $1000 but you get a huge amount of storage and only need a level site.
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    The sellability of our early “A” body cars

    Send him my way. I have a 65 Barracuda I'm selling.
  13. harvenator

    [FOR SALE] 65 Barracuda V8 4 speed $20,000

    Drum, all new when I got it, so maybe 5-7k on em. 14" wheels and SBP. Manual steering.
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    [FOR SALE] 65 Barracuda V8 4 speed $20,000

    Sold the house and have no place to store this beautiful piece of history until we build another. In the 13 or so years I've owned her I've: Swapped the /6 for a 273 that I built .030 over, flat top pistons. Mild cam, D4B intake, Edelbrock 4 bbl., totally reconditioned heads, electronic dist...
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    [FOR SALE] 1965 Plymouth Barracuda Parting Out.

    No rush. Lemme know
  16. harvenator

    [FOR SALE] 1965 Plymouth Barracuda Parting Out.

    Did you forget about me?
  17. harvenator

    [FOR SALE] 1965 Plymouth Barracuda Parting Out.

    How about the drivers vent window with hardware plus shipping to 38049. TN?
  18. harvenator

    [FOR SALE] 1964 Plymouth Barracuda part out

    Hoe much for the drivers vent window with hardware? If also like a price on the radio with bezel, the front bumper if not bent and what rear is in the 64? I might also be interested in a drive shaft for parts ball and trunnion parts.
  19. harvenator

    She rips now!!! Dual quad 1965 dart.

    I had one on my 64 Barracuda. Looked great with it on.
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    Crime and cost of living in your area.

    I moved to west, TN in 2001 from upstate NY. We're about 35 miles from the Mississippi river, east of Memphis. Memphis is NOT the place to live but Fayette and Tipton county are very affordable. We're trying to downsize and have the house on the market at 540k. House is a 3200sf custom that I...
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    [FOR SALE] Numerous Sets of Mopar Big and Small Block Headers New and Used

    Got any that will fit a 273 in a 65 Bartacuda with 4 speed?
  22. harvenator

    pictures of custom made V8 headers?

    Sure wish I could find someone to build me a set reasonable.
  23. harvenator

    Why are there so few blown small blocks?

    Sure wish someone would come up with that for the LA motors for a less expensive header that would fit.
  24. harvenator

    rear main seal replacement 73 Dart 318 V8

    Soak those puppies with pretty much any penetrate over several days, then a little heat. I'll bet the nuts come right off.
  25. harvenator

    rear main seal replacement 73 Dart 318 V8

    Any auto parts store can get a seal. NAPA might have a better quality seal. I usually use Oreilly or Auto Zone. Mostly Chinese stuff.
  26. harvenator

    What fluid for a 4-speed trans?

    Ya gotta understand, when they write the manuals, it's for what's available at the time.
  27. harvenator

    [Found!] 273/ 318 factory single plane manifold

    $140 total. PayPal email: [email protected] Ph: 991-734-8466
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    What fluid for a 4-speed trans?

    If you really want to know what oil to run call Brewer's. They're the experts.