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  1. pntastar69

    [SOLD] Black Cal Custom valve covers SBM

    Interested. Got pix of the underside?
  2. pntastar69

    Rust Spots on Asphalt Driveway

    Thanks for all the replies. Gonna spray the rust areas with Eastwoods Fast Etch, wire brush, and then paint (spray or brush) over those areas with some type of black primer to prevent bleeding again.
  3. pntastar69

    Rust Spots on Asphalt Driveway

    Having my driveway seal-coated on Monday. Is there a product that I can apply to the rust spots (w/out breaking the bank) before sealcoating to minimize them bleeding through?
  4. pntastar69

    Pre Fab Exhaust

    1967-Dodge-Dart-any Products | Pypes Performance Exhaust
  5. pntastar69

    Lost my little doggy.

    Lost ours in February after 13 great years.
  6. pntastar69

    PCV Valve Check

    I have 2 plastic PCV Valves. Both of them rattle. I f I blow into the hose barbed end on one of them, it's totally occluded. The other one has a small amount of flow felt. Which one is good?
  7. pntastar69

    Shifter rods... oy

    Not sure what you mean by "On the 3/4 lever, having it the other way meant adjusted to the end with some threads actually disappearing which I didn’t like.". You mean you ran out of adjustment? Is the 3/4 rod the correct length? I see you are looking for another lever. The one in your post...
  8. pntastar69

    Shifter rods... oy

    They should work. That's why there are adjusters on the rods.
  9. pntastar69

    Identify 69 Dart Exhaust Tips

    Per Accurate Exhaust A-body Tips
  10. pntastar69

    340 4 speed duster shifter handle?

    "Quarter Stick" is an automatic.
  11. pntastar69

    1968 Dart Trans Swap

    Lay the tunnel in place, trace it on the floor, measure 1.5" inward around the mark and cut away.
  12. pntastar69

    2017 ram 2500 broken manifold bolts

    Had the same issue 14 Ram, 5.7 at 65k. Hooked up w/a friend who was a Parts MGR at a Chrysler dealer. Got new manifolds, gaskets and bolts for $450 n change. Had 2 sheared bolts on the front left side and 1 off the right side. I was able to remove 1 of the 3 but had a friend weld the nut to...
  13. pntastar69

    Sun shade

    Sun block, hat and pop-up tent.
  14. pntastar69

    who does rechroming

    I used New England Chrome a few years back to rechrome 69 Dart tailight bezels and bullet turn signals. Great work. New England Chrome Plating | Family owned since 1965
  15. pntastar69

    Where Are All The Pre 2010 Members

    Right here.
  16. pntastar69

    Boy, did I screw the pooch

    Ditch the 90 degree adapter and buy this. I can run any length oil filter with TTI's on a small block...
  17. pntastar69

    72 duster 4 speed

    1-2, 3-4 are original. Rev isn't but modified to fit.
  18. pntastar69

    2014 Ram 5.7 hemi issue.

    As you can see in my pic attached above, NO!!! Had to weld a nut to the studs on the left side. On the right side, there was enough stud protruding to get vise grips on it. 2 on the left front and 1 on the right front. Installed new exh manifolds as they warped about 1/8?
  19. pntastar69

    2014 Ram 5.7 hemi issue.

    Exhaust manifold leak, broken exhaust manifold studs due to warped exhaust manifolds both sides @60k miles.
  20. pntastar69

    Ansen Small Block Valve Covers

    Demonracer- what gaskets did you use?
  21. pntastar69

    Ansen Small Block Valve Covers

    Has anyone used Ansen's small block valve covers on their iron headed LA? If so, any leaks? What gaskets did you use? Thanks,
  22. pntastar69

    Fender mount turn signal lens

    main Krusin Moons
  23. pntastar69

    69 cuda with 360 stroked to 410 Way the hell to loud.

    Heard good reviews on Pypes Exhaust mufflers.
  24. pntastar69

    [FOR SALE] 1970 Dodge Dart Swinger

    How bout some pix of the trunk and undercarriage? Any chance for a video as well?