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  1. Irving Santiago

    Frame Connectors

    I have the US Car tool kit installed in my 69 GTS. It is pre shaped/contoured (level 1 stiffening kit @$650.) and fits the floor pan 98% perfect ( New Dodge floor pan in the box purchased 10 years ago) with minor contour fitting. It took me less than two hours to weld in and is a very robust kit.
  2. Irving Santiago

    Early A833 4 speed linkage adjustment help

    A 1/4" short allen hex key will suffice also...
  3. Irving Santiago

    i hate it when i get wrong parts......

    You could try Manton Pushrods Lake Elsinore Ca. 92530. 951-245-6565 Riverside county, Ca.
  4. Irving Santiago

    How to Pick Your own CamShaft better.

    Ive spent serious Blowvid aka Covid hours watching Vizard videos. That man definitely has decades of current to this day no BS information. One of many Way ahead of his time. Not bad at all! ANY accurate information is appreciated! Always learning = moving forward.
  5. Irving Santiago

    [SOLD] Headlight buckets

    Dang! Missed it by that much! Needed 1 for left side for a 69 GTS
  6. Irving Santiago

    [FOR SALE] Dart / Dart Sport Headlight Vessels

    You wouldn't have Left & Right headlamp buckets with retaining rings?
  7. Irving Santiago

    What would cause my barely used green bearing to do this?

    Using a double roller/ row sealed bearing with integrated cage and race are the way to go. The bearing in the pic is an older version requiring a bearing preload onto the cup such as in the adjustable flanged type /screw type bearing flange. Ive seen and replaced many mis identified...
  8. Irving Santiago

    What would cause my barely used green bearing to do this?

    Those are threaded lug studs screwed into the axle shaft. I have an axle set that have two stud options. Pressed in or threaded in lug studs.
  9. Irving Santiago

    Guess what this is for, weird tool

    Block plug installation tool. Aka freeze plug tool. Mine is a 10 piece set for various sizes depending on freeze plug diameter. Some of the adapters Ive made as necessary .