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  1. spl440

    Hospital Regulations

    You do not want to be medevac'd then goes $20,000 to $30,000.
  2. spl440

    Friggin Tree

    Train your dog to go pee on the tree
  3. spl440


    Was a CFI rotor wing long time ago before I lost my medical. Very fun but had to be on your toes constantly. Women where easier to do initial training, need to be soft on the control's. Guys where trying to be like Arnald on the control's, ham fisted, only fingertips are needed at the...
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    Try it with a Helicopter!
  5. spl440

    Graduation Day

    If it is the only one allowed, where's our copy?
  6. spl440

    What do you girls 'n boys know about Akkar / Churchill shotguns?

    Have a Saiga 12 GA, love it. Basically a 12 ga AK47. 5 round and 10 round clip and just for fun a 20 round drum. Use it for skeet and home defence.very reliable.
  7. spl440

    Can someone help me check the oil. Please

    Proper way us to push all the way in, pull out, wipe it off Then full insertion again. Then remove and make sure it's moist to the line.
  8. spl440

    switching to TQ, which intake?

    Run an LD 340 on my 360 Dart hogged out for the TQ, no issues
  9. spl440

    switching to TQ, which intake?

    Have Dremal tool, will travel.....
  10. spl440

    switching to TQ, which intake?

    LD340, old school cool with a TQ
  11. spl440

    how to achieve over 100%

    hope this hasn't been posted before..... This comes from 2 math teachers with a combined total of 70 yrs. experience. It has an indisputable mathematical logic. This is a strictly ..... mathematical viewpoint... and it goes like this: What Makes 100% ? What does it mean to give...
  12. spl440

    Fantasy car

    Duesenburg. It would have to be a rough one, but so be it
  13. spl440

    [WANTED] coated small block distributor drive gear

    P/n crane cams 69970-1
  14. spl440

    A body book?

    The only A body book that I known of is here at FABO
  15. spl440

    Mopar intake manifold

    I'm running an LD340 with a thermoquad on it that has been bored out to run it. Was just wondering if there was a difference to run a quadrant. But looooove my thermoquad.
  16. spl440

    Help Wanted....

    Now that's funny.
  17. spl440

    Mopar intake manifold

    What is the difference between a quadrejet plenum and one for a thermoquad?
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    I f you like a good beat with nice bass

    He looks like Rif Raf from the Rocky Horror Picture Show
  19. spl440

    Has anyone else paid attention to Housing prices? Wow

    I just sold my house I had for three years, made 50 k on it, am building a Barnamimium here in Hot Springs ar on 6 acres we just bought, should have little to no mortgage, took us a while and a couple of house flips but it is all coming together. Prices here going up, a house doesn't stay on...
  20. spl440

    Spring is coming to a neighborhood near you.

    Thank God that is near your neighborhood and not mine.
  21. spl440

    Cam for roller 402 stroker

    Will check into it, would like to take advantage of the roller possibilities. Thanks
  22. spl440

    Cam for roller 402 stroker

    Also will need a new flywheel, internal balance. Is a aluminum flywheel better for this combination?
  23. spl440

    Cam for roller 402 stroker

    Just wanted to see what a moderate street stroker should be running and if the stock roller rockers would be adequate without switching over. I do know a stroker is more forgiving of a bigger cam
  24. spl440

    Cam for roller 402 stroker

    Have 1991 360 roller block, with cross hatch left on cyl walls. Have a Scatt cast crank, stock bore hyper piston kit, about 9.7 comp ratio, looking for a cam, hydraulic or small solid, what do you guys or galls suggest? it is going in a 67 Dart, set up more for road racing than drag racing, a...
  25. spl440

    Did the Assembly Plants Lubricate Starter/Flywheel Teeth?

    Just use squelch grease.............
  26. spl440

    Extreme Cold

    The further north you go, the deeper pipes are buried. In New Hampshire you must be4 ft deep with pipes or they will burst, also any post must be 4 ft in the ground or the frost will lift it.Dress in layers and even with a new vehicle equip your car with blankets, water, energy bars, flashlight...
  27. spl440

    Champ Pans Road Race CP360-9RR

    At summit r a cing, limited internet at this time, will see what I can do later
  28. spl440

    Champ Pans Road Race CP360-9RR

    Has anyone tried this out yet?
  29. spl440

    Lemons Rally in an a body

    Failure, engine , brakes, trans or person?
  30. spl440

    Post what you consider the best Christmas song.

    Best Christmas song for sure. Now for best Movie. We're no Angels. Great Humphrey Bogart movie. Great co stars. A little dark. But very funny and sentimental. Would like to see Eartha kitt sing this in her cat suit from when she was on Batman. Me- owwww