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  1. jysnflem

    2022 Woodward Dream Cruise

    Well its been 19 years since I started bringing my Dart to the Woodward Dream Cruise. 2003 was the year I finished its restoration and every year since I've taken this week off to do some Crusin. The cruise has definitely changed over the years as I have and is still fun. The last 14 years I...
  2. jysnflem

    1963 Rear Window Identification

    1963 window is definitely a smaller window. I remember seeing a 1963 Dart parts car and was amazed how different the window compared to my 64 Dart
  3. jysnflem

    [SOLD] 2003 Bri-mar CH-18 open car trailer

    2003 Bri-mar CH-18 trailer for sale. I've owned it since new. $1900. GVWR 7000LB. Located in Metro Detroit Michigan.
  4. jysnflem

    Rare options LOL

    I never new that I just assumed fenders were swapped for 65 fenders. I had a 1964 valiant wagon and it also had 1965 fenders but I think someone changed them.Jayson
  5. jysnflem

    Rare options LOL

    It also has the rare 1965 fenders on 1964 model!
  6. jysnflem

    Air Cleaner markings ?

    That looks like the stamp the steel producer would place on the metal. Your air cleaner was lucky enough to be stamped out at that location. Jayson
  7. jysnflem

    Wow new V8 pedal

    I saw a reproduction rear bumper rubber filler piece too. Jayson
  8. jysnflem

    1964 Valiant V200 wagon parting out

    I sent you a PM. Jayson
  9. jysnflem

    66 Dart GT question

    They only put the pentastar on the right side fender. Jayson
  10. jysnflem

    early A engine offset question

    When I took my Ford 9" to have it narrowed to fit a 64 Dart I thought I remember him saying the A-body centerline was offset 1" also and other bodys were less. I would bet A-bodys range from 5/8" to 1". Jayson
  11. jysnflem

    Dart Emblems

    My V-8 1964 Dart GT came with the same emblems. Jayson
  12. jysnflem

    Single or 2 speed wipers on a '64

    a 2 speed wiper has an extra 2 wires yellow and red I believe to reverse motor when parking it. Jayson
  13. jysnflem

    not mine! HaHaHaa

    I'm pretty sure he mistakenly put the comma in the wrong place. Jayson
  14. jysnflem

    63 tail lite

    I bought a 64 dart from Wahington yeasr ago and it had some impala taillights like that in a box of parts. Jayson
  15. jysnflem

    Starting car from starter relay

    This whole issue really was a brain fart moment. When I thought about it I just couldn't figure out what wire burned up due to the spark when using my jumper wire. LOL. Thanks for the help everyone. Jayson
  16. jysnflem

    Starting car from starter relay

    I just took a meter to the jumper wire to measure itsOhm's and it has nothing. Looks like you're right. Jayson
  17. jysnflem

    Starting car from starter relay

    Thanks guys I'll try a new jumper wire. Jayson
  18. jysnflem

    Starting car from starter relay

    So I turn the ignition switch on and then go under the hood where I put the alligator clip to the big battery stud and then would take the other end of the jumper wire to the black wire with the screw and square post. When I accidiently grounded the one end of the alligator clip it was only...
  19. jysnflem

    Starting car from starter relay

    Woops forgot to mention that. From the starter relay it doesn't crank, but cranks and fires when using the ignition switch. Thanks for the help. Jayson
  20. jysnflem

    Starting car from starter relay

    Forgot to add car is using MSD ignition without ballast ressitor long before I did the MAD ELECTRICAL update. Jayson
  21. jysnflem

    Starting car from starter relay

    Like the title says I can't start the car under the hood using a jumper wire at the starter relay. Over the years I've been able to do this with no problems, but have probably not done it in a couple of years. I had my engine out this winter and was trying to get it started at the relay but...
  22. jysnflem

    The Best Kept Secret in Moparland

    I saw a early model Dodge Viper which also looked like early A vents. Jayson
  23. jysnflem

    Need some help with high torque 408 build

    I picked up a 415 small block stroker from INDY in 2004. This was just the short block internally balanced, mopar cast crank,SIR rods, weisco pro true dish pistons for $2800. No cam or timing chain. just assembled block with crank,rods and pistons. I used my edelbrock heads with slight mods...
  24. jysnflem

    A couple of sharp early A's on the drag strip. Post up your favorites.

    Nice pictures toolmanmike. I especially like the Dodge Lancer! Jayson
  25. jysnflem

    A couple of sharp early A's on the drag strip. Post up your favorites.

    I haven't been out in a couple of years now so you probably won't see me. The engine in this car will be 10 years old in 2014 and has made 100's of passes. It probably should be gone thru before I take to the track again still good for the street though. Jayson
  26. jysnflem

    A couple of sharp early A's on the drag strip. Post up your favorites.

    Hers's some videos too. Jayson 64 Dart VS Camaro@milan - YouTube 64 DART@milan - YouTube
  27. jysnflem

    64 Dart 2 door sedan

    Make sure you check both front tires for clearance after car is fully weighted down. When I built my 64 Dart we only payed attention to one side to check for tire clearance and rolled the passenger side fender while backing up. We ended up modifying the front fenders to get the proper...
  28. jysnflem

    Kids and Mopars ! Let's see your pics

    Here's my two playing on the tailgate of our 1965 Valiant wagon. Jayson
  29. jysnflem

    My First Mopar Story.....

    My first car was a 1974 Satellite painted birth control beige. It had 5 spoke cragers and a 225 engine. It also introduced me to old Mopars. Jayson