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  1. 72BBSwinger

    [SOLD] 72 Dart Swinger Pro Touring

    Couple of interior pics
  2. 72BBSwinger

    [SOLD] 72 Dart Swinger Pro Touring

    The engine is a 2006 6.1 Hemi that I built to 4.065x4.05 bore stroke with all Manley components so it is now 420cid and 6.9L ish. It has CNC'd 6.1 heads with Manley valves, springs, locks and retainers. Comp custom grind cam .600/255/247/114, Manley pushrods and stock lifters. ARP head bolts...
  3. 72BBSwinger

    [SOLD] 72 Dart Swinger Pro Touring

    1972 Dodge Dart Swinger Built stroked 6.1 Hemi, Goldbox EFI Viper 6spd, dual disc, pistol grip Strange S-60 4.10 gears, 35 spline Big Ford bearing hybrid ends 14" SRT front rotors/ Viper calipers, 11.75" 2 piece rear rotors and Wilwood sliders in back Factory welded K frame,Borgeson steering...
  4. 72BBSwinger

    My build is coming along just need the little things now

    I mounted my Gold Box here: But the plug ins are at the top.
  5. 72BBSwinger

    Hotwire PCM questions

    I thought the 2005 Truck manual pcm was THE one to use on a pre-VVT engine?
  6. 72BBSwinger

    high voltage stock 6.1 alternator

    I know, luckily mine didnt need adjusted.
  7. 72BBSwinger

    high voltage stock 6.1 alternator

    Me and a few others are using the heavy duty Transpo regulators, and they are adjustable although mine is right on 14.2V out the box.
  8. 72BBSwinger

    Gerst Dominator Series 4 Link

    Wheelbase differences is in rear floorpans, back seat footwell.
  9. 72BBSwinger

    6.1 (2010) lifters to replace ( ticking noise )

    Lifter tick that goes away with rpm doesnt bother me. Tick from a collapsed lifter is there ALL the time. 6.1 lifters are used in most hipo builds on Gen III's. Have you tried thicker oil like 15W50 Mobil 1?
  10. 72BBSwinger

    6.1 (2010) lifters to replace ( ticking noise )

    Im afraid if you change them, it will still be there. Maybe verifying pushrod length first before you pull the heads.
  11. 72BBSwinger

    Borgeson Power Steering Installed

    If you had to cut the shaft, you could've just cut the manual shaft?
  12. 72BBSwinger

    6.1 (2010) lifters to replace ( ticking noise )

    How bad do they tick? Mine tick a little at cruise after a flogging, but dont tick at start up and idle.
  13. 72BBSwinger

    5.7 hemi build

    I would just get a kit for a 5.7. Some have sonic tested the blocks and went to a 4" bore but even staying at 3.97 is big enough. A 4.05 crank will get you a 392, a 3.79 gets you in the 366 neighborhood. Cubic inches with a turbo only makes you need a bigger turbo.
  14. 72BBSwinger

    Let's be honest....

    Get a car engine with as low of miles as possible, a 6.1 preferably. Yes Yes Stock K unless you have money to burn
  15. 72BBSwinger

    mission complete, 285s up front on my Dart

    No they are discontinued American Racing Shelby Redlines. These have the right backspacing but you cant get them anymore.
  16. 72BBSwinger

    mission complete, 285s up front on my Dart

    What brand are those wheels? They look like a remake of mine.
  17. 72BBSwinger

    8.8 swap

    Any pics of the uncut installs and the driveshaft to tunnel clearance? I run a 3.5" diameter aluminum driveshaft.
  18. 72BBSwinger

    SRT8CUDA Build

    Love the great resto that understates the beast that lies within.
  19. 72BBSwinger

    New hemi install total cost

    Making your own mounts, especially the passenger side, affords you to not have to use any oil filter block off or angled adapter. Wouldnt it be nice to just put the filter in its stock location?
  20. 72BBSwinger

    New hemi install total cost

    Go for it.
  21. 72BBSwinger

    Pic Request: Hemi Conversion Air Filter Assembly

    It sucks the headlight....
  22. 72BBSwinger

    New hemi install total cost

    Not $2300 exactly EFISource Gold Box and harness= $1295 92mm cable TB=$370 Wideband O2 w/indash digital readout=$250 80lb/hr Siemens injectors=$250 DW300 pump=$130 Fuelab reg and gauge=$130 Magnafuel 10 micron lifetime filter=$80 Tanks Inc hanger for intank pump=$80 Homemade surge tank with trap...
  23. 72BBSwinger

    New hemi install total cost

    Leaving the cost of the engine build out, $800 headers, $2000 EFI and laptop, $40 radiator hoses and probably $350 in fuel system. But its at least that much to EFI anything so go figure.
  24. 72BBSwinger

    New hemi install total cost

    If it was cheap and easy there would be a bunch of Bowtards doing it. I made my own mounts because I can. If you already have a SB that saves money because you only need a different flywheel or flexplate.
  25. 72BBSwinger

    AEM troubles

    Yes it can but his installed tune was a little to aggressive in the timing dept for my combo so I had to change those tables quite a bit. My engine is 7.0L too, 420 cid. My cam is nasty 247/255 @ .050 and has very little vacuum below 1100rpm. You set your AFR targets from idle to 7000rpm and the...
  26. 72BBSwinger

    My sack of lemons....

    Yes, and thank you.
  27. 72BBSwinger

    AEM troubles

    I have the Gold Box and it is solid, only problems I've had have been my own learning curve with understanding IAC vs my big cam. Everything above idle and cold start has been flawless.
  28. 72BBSwinger

    Considering 2014 Hemi (5.7) 1971 Demon

    Heads will swap fine but the later heads need later valve covers.