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  1. vitamindart

    Turbo oil drain location

    mine works fine in the pan. never had one issue with it.
  2. vitamindart

    Turbo oil drain location

    hard to tell from that angle but, it looks similar to where I have mine. just below the pan rail on the front section of the pan.
  3. vitamindart

    Adjustable strut rods and other parts

    have a couple sets of the RMS strut rods. been very happy with them. if I were to do it again I would probably go Delrin on the lower arm bushings with greasable pins. haven't had a single issue with either set of poly bushings.
  4. vitamindart

    Who else ever felt this way?

    my valiant had a 318 magnum in it, pulled it out and put the slant back in. have had more fun with the slant. so much that I think Im going to look for another slant project at some point.
  5. vitamindart

    Maximum Performance N/A 383 build. Input wanted from engine gurus.

    if I were determined to run the 383 block, I would be stroking it and running at least a set of trick flow 240's. that would get you a better lighter piston, some needed extra cubes and lighten things up some
  6. vitamindart

    How strong is a T-5 transmission?

    I will probably go Hydraulic, that 3" downpipe off the turbo will most likely be in the way. plus I dont think I have any of the original Z bar parts.
  7. vitamindart

    How strong is a T-5 transmission?

    I would probably look at something like the Ram clutch set they had on .org in a group buy a while back.
  8. vitamindart

    How strong is a T-5 transmission?

    well thats a shame, an SFI bell would be nice. If I decide to pull off that swap I guess I will just have to use the Gill Welding adapter I have and be nice to the clutch LOL
  9. vitamindart

    How strong is a T-5 transmission?

    is the quicktime bell even available anymore?
  10. vitamindart

    Valve adjustment.......

    yep, I have and will continue to adjust mine with the engine off.
  11. vitamindart

    What battery are you using in your trunk also push pull turn off.

    right now mine is in a Moroso plastic battery box vented through the floor. I have a painless solenoid to disconnect power without pulling a switch ( I know its not NHRA Legal ). just like being able to discretely disconnect power when I park the car. need to add a manual disconnect at some...
  12. vitamindart

    Best way to lift a slant 6 engine block ?

    Princess Valiant yes, arrived last week. looks like a nice piece. added it to my pile of engine removal slings chains, leveler exc.
  13. vitamindart

    Best way to lift a slant 6 engine block ?

    thats enough of a reason for me to go to ebay and grab one!
  14. vitamindart

    No Valiant Love?

    my 66 at work and a couple car shows last year
  15. vitamindart

    m2 diecast anybody else into these

    my daughter and I have piles of the A100's. started off as a hey that's neat I will grab one. now its every time either of us is at a Walmart we look for these damn things..........
  16. vitamindart

    biggest tire for my Valliant

    I have 235/45r17's on my 66 pretty sure I could sneak a 245 on it.
  17. vitamindart

    61 Plymouth 2dr army wagon

    RustyRatRod , we think alike 60-61 Starliners are Bad *** looking cars.
  18. vitamindart

    Lessons learned - elephant ears

    if the engine is to high in the front, it sounds like they mounted them to high. mine sat the same as it did on the factory mounts.
  19. vitamindart

    Lessons learned - elephant ears

    I would pull my engine and leave the trans. had a couple Long bolts that I cut the heads off and would thread into the block through the water pump housing. then pull the rest and housing and let the engine rest on those two studs one the hoist was starting to lift the engine. I could slide the...
  20. vitamindart

    Boosted slant?

    block was cracked before boost was added. I missed it when the block was cleaned and milled ( should have saw it ) think it froze at some point. I have multiport fuel injection on it. i knew I could control each cylinders injector that way. it has a cam, probably more duration than ideal but it...
  21. vitamindart

    [SOLD] Slant 6 Las Vegas.

    yup, I second RRR ! also find it awesome your trying to rehome it for free
  22. vitamindart

    Boosted slant?

    I will say 5-7psi really wakes a slant up! I will also say so far mine has had No issues with that level and more ( on a fairly safe tune ). Even with .120 off the block, Stock pistons with some new rings and bearings. I wanted to put it together on the cheap before spending the money on fancy...
  23. vitamindart

    Anyone running a Holley Sniper 2300 on their slant?

    I had the 4bbl Aussie Hurricane. while I agree it helps with distribution in my opinion it was smarter to go with multiport. the cost of having a old Offy intake I picked up cheap was not that bad. I also wanted the extra room for the turbo that the Aussie intake was using.
  24. vitamindart

    Anyone running a Holley Sniper 2300 on their slant?

    I had the Aussie intake with a carb, then a FiTech TBI set up. wish I would have never wasted my time with the FiTech on the slant. Should have followed my gut and just took the plunge right away. I honestly could not believe the difference had I not seen it myself. even on initial start up...
  25. vitamindart

    66 Valiant questions

    i have a 64-65 Radiator in my 66 because champion has a smaller hose connection on their 66 slant radiator for some reason. i made a filler panel on the passenger side to bolt it in. yet had no issues with the 65 v8 radiator when i had that in the car.
  26. vitamindart

    Zinc oil supplement

    I agree, unless we are talking extreme situations. found an old case of 10w40 in the corner of the garage ( probably there over 15 years ) . at the bottom of the bottles is a caramel colored sludge. might be able to get it resuspended if I put it in a paint shaker when it was warm.
  27. vitamindart

    Power Nation /6

    hope they turn it up when it gets in a car. those guys over at Gill Welding are good guys. always helped me with my silly questions when I was wiring up my turbo slant.
  28. vitamindart

    TorqStorm Supercharger build advice needed

    Rusty if you were closer I would drive over and take ya for a spin. finally getting this thing together makes me want to kick myself for not boosting a slant when I first cooked up this idea....... even 5-6psi on my slant is a Total Blast
  29. vitamindart

    TorqStorm Supercharger build advice needed

    I'm 8.5-9ish to one on crap 91 ( I do have an intercooler to help with intake temps ). very conservative with my tune. Have been sneaking up on it ( 6psi is a Lot of fun already ).
  30. vitamindart

    And So It Begins....

    my wife & daughter get such a kick out of how many people have to stop & ask about our little 6. usually end up with one of 3 questions. how much horsepower? how quick in the 1/4? or how's the gas mileage? LOL We have more fun with this little car, than I ever did with the Big Block in the...