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  1. moparmarkk


    was this car at stripmasters in milton, fl.?
  2. moparmarkk

    Cranks but doesn't start using the key. Starts when using a remote starter switch.

    when you use a remote starter switch you by pass the neutral safety switch
  3. moparmarkk

    rocker shafts

    more oil for rockers
  4. moparmarkk

    rocker shafts

  5. moparmarkk

    rocker shafts

    Hi everyone, was there a guy on here selling or making banana rocker shafts, thanks , mark
  6. moparmarkk

    Moog 7103's

    Thanks Everyone for the help, mark
  7. moparmarkk

    Moog 7103's

    could you send a pic or two ,i dont get it ,but thanks for the reply, mark
  8. moparmarkk

    Moog 7103's

    Hi ,just got a set of 7103's from rock auto,inside each box there is a metal washer that is dimpled, what are they for? thanks mark
  9. moparmarkk

    Wheel Base Question

    thank you all ,mark
  10. moparmarkk

    Wheel Base Question

    Do Dusters and Dart Sports have the same wheel base? thanks mark
  11. moparmarkk

    Lca rubber bush that fit

    whats the link to proforged? mark
  12. moparmarkk

    frame connectors

    thanks junkyardhero ,mark
  13. moparmarkk

    frame connectors

    Hi looking for info on bolt in frame connectors for a 76 dart swinger 118 in wheel base i think ,mark
  14. moparmarkk

    [WANTED] Early a body 273 exhaust manifolds

    do you have pic or two of what you are looking for? i have two ,mark
  15. moparmarkk

    [SOLD] Misc Small Block Engine Parts

    put me second in line,mark
  16. moparmarkk

    318 Oil Pan Gasket/Sealing techniques?

    does the rubber one piece gasket fit the LA and Magnum 360's ? mark
  17. moparmarkk

    Laverne Ferrouillat

    Good on him,met him a good solid guy, congrats
  18. moparmarkk

    water pump

    Rich do you a boat pump?
  19. moparmarkk

    [WANTED] Windage Tray Bolts

    Hi,looking for four main bearing bolts with washers for a small block windage tray, thanks , mark
  20. moparmarkk

    How do I find members in my local area (FL Panhandle)?

    ok his # is 850-982-2285 , his name is ed hillman, good guy ,be sure to tell him mark stillwagon gave you the number , mark
  21. moparmarkk

    How do I find members in my local area (FL Panhandle)?

    ok will get in touch with him and let you know ,
  22. moparmarkk

    How do I find members in my local area (FL Panhandle)?

    so why not get a spare engine and rebuild it on the side while you enjoy the car until you are ready for a engine swap, i know a guy in cantoment fl. long time mopar racer and engine builder, if you want i can get in touch with him ,let me know,mark