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    [FOR SALE] Buddy Seat

    Hello, you or someone going to Carlisle Pa in july. I'm interested but I'm in mass. Thanks Paul
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    [FOR SALE] 68 70 A body 3 point seatbelts

    68 70 A body Plymouth Dodge Black 3 point seatbelts from Year One. They are for bucket seats but would work on a bench selt. Just no belt in the middle. New they have been mounted but are new. Look at pics. 225.00 + Shipping
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    [FOR SALE] 70s streeing wheel cover

    70s Steering wheel cover. In good used condition. Has dodge emblem in it. All mounting tabs are there. 40.00 + shipping.
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    [FOR SALE] NOS Gas cap truck tail light

    NOS truck gas cap. Never installed. 40.00 NOS Truck taillight. Never installed. Part number on package. 40.00
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    [FOR SALE] 67 79 Cuda turn signal chrome bezel.

    67 69 Cuda turn signal bezel. In good used condition. No pitting. Shines good. 40.00 + shipping.
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    [FOR SALE] Vacuum trunk lock

    NOS Vacuum trunk lock. It's been sitting on shelf and never installed. 40.00 + shipping. I have a Vacuum can if need for extra.
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    [SOLD] 60s tail light

    60s NOS tail light. Not sure of year. Never installed. Been sitting on shelf for years. 30.00
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    [FOR SALE] A Body heater bezel

    A Body heat bezel. Not sure of the year. In good used condition. The part number is in one of the pics. 30.00 + shipping.
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    [SOLD] 67 69 dodge dart hood lip molding

    New repo 67 69 hood lip molding. Been on shelf for years never installed. Comes with 3 pieces including the mounting piece 60.00 + shipping.
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    [FOR SALE] A body heater control bezel

    A body heater control bezel. In good used condition. Not sure of the year. 20.00 + Shipping
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    [SOLD] New Mopar Performance chrome small block valve covers

    New, Mopar Performance chrome small block valve covers. Comes with new gaskets, oil cap kit and stickers. Bought in early 90s been on shelve since. New never installed 300.00 Shipped.
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    [SOLD] Mopar Performance aluminum small block timing cover.

    New, mopar performance aluminum timing cover. Sitting on shelve since early 90s. Never installed. 100.00 + Shipping.
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    [SOLD] 8 3/4 shock plates

    8 3/4 shock plates. The plates are in very good used condition. 100.00 + Shipping
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    [SOLD] 64 64 Barracuda Valiant dash trim

    Hello, your tracking info. 9500 1113 1477 3297 5426 76 Thank you Paul
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    [SOLD] 64 64 Barracuda Valiant dash trim

    Hello, I need your full address for shipping. Thanks Paul
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    [SOLD] 64 64 Barracuda Valiant dash trim

    63.50 with shipping.( Rules are not made to be broken, No email addresses in public forums) is my PayPal. Send as family and friends or add 4 % so no fees. Thank you Paul
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    [FOR SALE] 60's fender top chrome piece

    60's fender top chrome piece. It's in good used condition. Some pitting and peppering 40.00 + Shipping
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    [SOLD] 64 64 Barracuda Valiant dash trim

    64 65 Barracuda Valiant chrome dash trim. The trim is in good used condition. 50.00 + Shipping for all 4 pieces.
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    [FOR SALE] Formula S emblem

    Formula S emblem. Don't know what year it is. The emblem is in good used condition. No pitting and the mounting studs are there. 40.00 + Shipping
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    [FOR SALE] Harmonic balancer for a few small block

    I'm not sure. I bought a bunch of parts off a guy from a small block duster.
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    [FOR SALE] Harmonic balancer for a few small block

    Harmonic balancer for a small block. Little use. Got wet when in Carlisle. 50.00 + Shipping Tuff Stuff New water pump. Never installed. 50.00 + Shipping Howard Big block fuel pump rod. 20.00
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    [SOLD] Spring relocation kit.

    New, spring relocation kit. Never installed. 100.00 + Shipping.