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  1. earthmover

    [FOR SALE] big block heads intake adjustable rocker gear windage tray and oil pan

    the parts are from my old low buck don't give a ... motor 906 heads that has been ported don't have flow numbers new spring that match cam that's in the motor 600 lift crane cam hydraulic I'll look for specs on cam tonight heads 300 buyer pays Shipping or can meet within reason adjustable...
  2. earthmover

    [FOR SALE] 440 source timing gear set

    3 bolt very little use engine builder installed new set doing the new build big block new 129.00 70.00 obo and the ride
  3. earthmover

    [FOR SALE] 2 convertors for sale

    8 inch turbo action 5500 behind my 340 9.5 dynamic 5000 behind my 340 just don't need them anymore have a glide in b1 car and a custom nitrous converter in my other car 600.00 each plus the ride have many other parts that needs to go
  4. earthmover

    [FOR SALE] 727/ptc verta

    brand new fully roller 727 transbrake best of everything almost 7k spent in trans ptc converter bult for a nitrous motor new never ran put fluid in it to install in car plans change went to a glide 1200 sell packaging deal 6800 both transmission done by Virginia speed welcome to call Tim...
  5. earthmover

    [FOR SALE] 499 b1 motor

    tossing the idea of selling this motor that's in the challenger I bought 499 lo deck block has been cross bolted Ross piston 13.7 compression I forgot rod brand but have the paper just not in front of me b1 heads intake valve covers heads are not ported roller cam and rockers have brand on...
  6. earthmover

    [FOR SALE] 727 and ptc converter

    brand new never used transmission don't even have fluid in it transmission done by Virginia speed best of everything all roller and transbrake brand new ptc converter filled with jd fluid to install in transmission never ran paid almost 8k for both sell for 7500 converter is a nitrous converter...
  7. earthmover

    [FOR SALE] cams convertas and few more parts

    9.5 dynamic race verta had behind my 345 would go 45 5000 very good verta did mostly street racing 600.00 plus the ride 8 inch turbo action would go 5 5500 behind 345 same as above street race lunti solid roller 3 bolt big block 53799 lun 37 up 73 ur 73 282@50 457 lobe 685 lift 1.5 rocker...
  8. earthmover

    [FOR SALE] Race parts

    Plastic race seat no cover 25.00 Oberg oil filter 125.00 Lunati solid roller cam 250.00 big block Cam motion solid roller cam 250.00 big block 440source timing set double roller with bearing on it 50.00 big block J e dome tops piston out my 451 low deck 250.00 Eagle hbeams rods out the 451 low...
  9. earthmover

    [FOR SALE] Indy valve covers lo deck push rods

    Set of indy aluminum valve coves 125.00 Smith brothers push rods almost new maybe a few miles but to short now 100.00 Rb push rods 9.066 long 100.00
  10. earthmover

    [FOR SALE] 451 low deck parts and Ron's toilet

    Loc: nc Je dome top 451 low deck piston in good shape went bigger on motor don't need the piston anymore 225.00 Eagle hbeams 676cc rods out of the 451 2 rods got hot from oil starving but was fought in time no spin bears at all arp bolts bearing..went to different rods with Chevy bearing...
  11. earthmover

    [FOR SALE] Nos plate system

    I have a nos plate system I'm not needing anymore .. Bottle 4500 plate with nos and fuel and full throttle switch Few jets 200.00 Nos and fuel was test last yr before installing on my car worked fine just don't need it anymore.. Parts are located in North Carolina outside Raleigh.. Have...
  12. earthmover

    [FOR SALE] Rons toilet set up

    I have a rons toilet set up in had on my 451 Id like to sell ..1200.00 they are right around 1900.00 new. Pump just rebuild few mouths ago ..all injection hosed s are brand new few mouths ago on off cable new few mouths ago along with the cable brakes new mandrel for fuel pump jets are new ...
  13. earthmover

    [FOR SALE] Parts no longer needed

    8 3/4 a body housing 250.00 Abode axles 3inch stud for race wheels 150.00 Tank has pump on bottom if my memory is right now holes ..30.00 Kb107 std. Size Piston 6 are good to go postal service chipped 3 pistons 100.00 Here is what the chips look like.. All parts are price plus...
  14. earthmover

    [FOR SALE] strut front end parts rack and all no brakes

    all new parts ..belong to a buddy was building a tube chassis dart plans changed went to a 71 duster with coil over stock type frontend to street drive...asking 2000.00 struts alone cost are in nc outside Raleigh pm me if need contact info..
  15. earthmover

    [FOR SALE] big block abody chassis headers 2 1/8

    stahl header kit did for the 73 duster chassis car but shop wanted to build a different set up that comes out the side instead of under the car..1 header is complete and the other need to be finished welded...4" collector don't need this anymore ..some surface rust but will come right...
  16. earthmover

    [FOR SALE] 6 pack set up world block 9" gears

    world block new still on the pallet from ray barton set up for key way lifters comes with a used set of lifters 4500.00 6 pack set up came off a running rb motor not long a go 4.56 gears for ford 9" big pinion 150.00 listing for a friend...
  17. earthmover

    [FOR SALE] big block a body chassis headers for sale

    I have a set of headers for sale that was going on my 73 duster chassis car..things have changed and no longer need the headers..this is a Stahl header kit that Bob shingler and myself build...headers are 21/8 with 4 inch collector 1 header is completely welded the other needs to be...
  18. earthmover

    [SOLD] Fuel Cell, BG Pump, Valve Covers, Cam, Wheels, Tires & More

    ok guys got a lot of parts that I don't need .. I had got form my chassis car project but changed as I moved forward with it.. so here is a list price + shipping from nc 27816 will make a package deal on tires and wheels... 16.5x16.5x9 new 5 gal. if im not mistaked 110.00 + the ride...
  19. earthmover

    1 iron adjustable small block rocker

    I have 1 small block adjustable rocker and 2 adjusters free to anybody that will pay shipping.. I don't need it and thought someone may need a spare..i had a set at 1 time but got rid of them and found this 1 me here or it goes in the trash next weekend:D
  20. earthmover

    world block and pro system carbs

    ray barton worked world block 440 main block bored and ready for finish hone, set up for key way lifters 4000.00 have a set of key way lifters can work a deal on with block pro system carbs set up for tunnel ram 1100 cfm have build sheet and work order #'s 1100.00 for the pair parts are...
  21. earthmover

    cleaning sale small block mostly

    727 trans case..good case was used for my small block motor took all parts out and used in my big block trans..$50.00 kb107 pistons std boro 6good piston and 2 have chip in the bottom of the skirt..all are on the rods with rings little run time motor ate 2 camshafts so block was junked...
  22. earthmover

    abody small bolt axles

    I have a set of small bolt abody axles that I no longer need..all my cars are big bolt..axle bearing in good shape but will need a few studs replaced as they have a few missing..been in the building for a few years now.. 75.00 located in nc 27816 zip will post pics later on today price is plus...
  23. earthmover

    torker 340 intake small block

    torker 340 intake no bad holes runners have been gasket matched..100.00 plus the ride location ....north carolina zip 27816 or will trade for low deck big block performance parts.. what you got???? :D:D
  24. earthmover

    950 hp

    gonna sell my 950hp carb to off set the cost of a new 1150 for my race car.. it is a older carb the air bleeds are not removable...i had aed put on a baseplate and test the carb a few yrs ago and was fine .ran it on my 340 and never a problem .. also i had plan to send or take it back to aed to...
  25. earthmover

    anybody in nc or close

    would like to have a 170 6banger???? i have 1 with the holly has been took apart (long story) but it is free...come get it out of my way or it will see the scarp yard soon....:D:D:D hate to do it but its in my way and i dont need it...:wack: is there a auction for someone or some...
  26. earthmover

    big block chassis car headers

    nice set of big block chassis car headers will work with tubular front end or strut, as long as the brake pedal and master cylinder are in the stock location... my stuff has been moved to the floor and the collector falls right where the brake stuff is i plan to build a new set.. will...
  27. earthmover

    small block heads and intak (new price) need gone found some parts lol

    j heads 2.02 valves with comp cam springs(had 555 lift soild on the springs 995-16) stock valves 350.00 pay shipping .....heads are ported and polished jheads 2.02 milodon valves and comp cam springs ( same as above 995-16 ) heads are ported and polished and ready to go ..450.00 pay shipping...
  28. earthmover

    small block parts

    2 sets of j heads 1. set has milodon valves and all comp stuff locks,springs and all 2.02/1.60 if i remember right.heads took my 70 duster 7.40 in the 1/8 mile with a bad 60' of 1.67 $500.00 2. set has stock tulip valves in them with comp stuff lock,springs and all 1.88 valves i think ..had...
  29. earthmover

    heads,axle,intake,and so on..some small,some big block stuff

    1 915 j heads ported with comp cam springs,lock, and milodon valves flow (if i remember correct 240/150@500) heads was on 340 for a while went 7.40@90mph with a sick 60' of 1.67..pick wheels up and set them back down and spin the wheels a 70 duster ..$550.00 2. 915 j heads ported with comp...
  30. earthmover

    small bolt a body axles

    i have a set of small bolt abody axles i got from a member here a while back and will not be using them.. they will need the studs replaced as they only have i think 2 or 3 in them...75.00 and the shipping..thanks mike located in nc 27816 zip will post pics later on today..:D