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    100 horse shot of nos for 440?

    agreed. And once you hit it with 100 you will want more. Nitrous is adictive
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    nitrous newbie questions.

    i have played with my share of nitrous kits. and unless you plan on rebuilding everything i would just get a new kit. i dont trust a used noid. last thing you want is a fuel noid to stick closed or a nitrous noid to stay open. and a used kit, there is no real way to know what will happen...
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    100 horse shot of nos for 440?

    I love nitrous. I would recommend you get a air fuel ratio gauge. I was running a 150 shot on a stock bottom end modern hemi. Ran countless bottles through it. And made sure my air ruel ratio was in the mid 11's that was after leaning it out some from a low 10 AFR. I picked up 2 tenths after I...
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    Very high temp paint???

    intresting. I'm going to try it and see how it goes. It's a bummer you did not have any luck with it.
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    Very high temp paint???

    has amyone tried this? the directions say paint it on, let it dry to the touch and then heat it up to over 300 degrees to fully cure it. then it will withstand 1200-1400 degrees. thats what i plan on using on my build when i get to...
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    Good Tuning shops in the SF Bay Area?

    up in sacremento there is a great shop caled SVS R&D. The tune a bunch of stuff the are pritty well known in the modern hemi world. Ask for bob, he is a great guy, and they are racers as well so they can get you set up I'm sure