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  1. earthmover

    Lower a arm bushing help

    Can anybody tell me what bushing this a arm may take..ive tried 2 sets of mustang 2 bushing don't fit..any idea of a bushing really need to get some new motor almost done..thanks
  2. earthmover

    frame conn. lol

    man some people really dont think much about what frame conn. do to a car..well today i was out in the shop egtting my car ready for the chopping and i have i think its 2x3 steel conn. and got the back up on the stands and blocks about 3' of the floor and went to the front to jack it...
  3. earthmover

    reloc. spring box???

    never mind i found
  4. earthmover

    those that have builded a frontend?????

    maybe i'm thinking on this a little to much but would it be possible to or would it work??? place car on jack stands remove everything except spindle ,now muck damn sure the wheels are going forward (pointed)..make a plate out of 1/4 stell that will bolt to the spindle that hangs down under the...
  5. earthmover

    8 1/4 to 8 3/4

    i havent did any work on any 8 1/4 rear before and getting ready to pull the 81/4 out the dart to install the 83/4 i know the ubolts are smaller right and shock plates..but the springs are the same right....i dont want to put the ss springs on the dart im going to make up the cal tract type...
  6. earthmover

    convert from power to manual

    hay guys the 72 dart is power and would like to go to manual what could i get this out of that works for this year..and modal or type would be greta info...
  7. earthmover

    small bolt patt. to big blot patt.????

    where can i get the right size studs for this i have the small bolt disk on the front now i plan to drill to big bolt patt. since this is just going to be a driver..i would like the 1/2 thats a little longer then stock. thanks mike=P~
  8. earthmover

    tq specs for 70 duster wheel bearing

    could someone give me the tq specs for the wheel bearings on a 70 duster drum setup...thanks mike
  9. earthmover

    update on spring flip and pinion angle

    well i have things mocked up right now just getting a idea of whats it going to do or be at...and i have a ??? for you on the pinion i got the mounts done and installed the springs and removed the shims (5deg) to get a base line...i remove the driveshaft to get a good reading.....i...
  10. earthmover

    flip the front spring mount to low the ride height

    on my 70 duster i want to flip the front spring mounts to drop the ride height a little with the ss need to open up a few holes to do this seems that they are a little wider on 1 end than the other looking at like to do this while im doing the pinion angle.....
  11. earthmover

    pinion help

    could someone point me in the right way with this pinion angel thing..i took some measurements of my angle and from what i see i dont think its right the trans i have 4 and and off the rearend ( on top where the snubber bolts to ) i have 3 thats with 5 deg. shims that tilt the rearend...
  12. earthmover

    front spring mount ??

    does flipping the front spring mount change the pinion in a + way or - way????? thinking of tring my mount but if its going to be the wrong way and need more work to get back inline not sure if its worth the time....i know it lowers the car some what . anybody checked it before and after?????
  13. earthmover

    ball joint tq specs

    anybody know what the ball joint tq specs are for the upper on a 70 duster..ive been looking and have not found them..
  14. earthmover

    alig. help and specs

    well i have installed new uca busing and now i going to put in the new ball joints...i have my car jacked up a little in the front cause of the s/s/ springs jacked the back up a now i must fig. out if i want to keep it up or go back down...its a street/strip car 99.5 strip.( i only...
  15. earthmover

    control arm bushing

    hay guys ive read a few diff. post on this but came up just a little short on whats the car is a street/strip car but i dont drive it on the street that much maybe 10 miles a mth... anyway i looked at my arms and bushing the other day and the bushing is gone so got them apart now just...
  16. earthmover

    in board spring boxes

    i remember someone had made some and posted the pic and what meas. they where. could someone point me to that post please..would like to save the specs for something later down the road..thanks
  17. earthmover

    anybody know or have a idea

    what a stock a-body would have as far as pinion angle from the factory... if anyone had ever checked it...
  18. earthmover

    set up rearend

    hay guys i have a spare 8 3/4 rear that im thinking of setting up for my duster .right now i have 1 in it but im useing shim to get the pinion to where i want.. but i think i would be better to just take my spare and cut off the perch and weld in some new 1s at the 5 or 7 degress that i want...