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    [SOLD] 1972 Duster / Demon roller, almost rust free, more pics $900

    If you wanna part with all the front end sheetmetal let me know. I'm looking to convert my 75 to the 70-73 front end.shoot me a price, and I might be able to pick it up this weekend.
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    Bad A$$ 63 Dart For Sale on Ebay

    cool car but i would rather build it myself. it means more to me that way.
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    73 Duster 440

    man that is tempting, I don't need another project though. I can bairly afford the one I got. Lol
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    73 Duster 440

    i should pick it up gove it a tune up and hit the streets with it. but i really wanna finish my car befor ei go looking for another one.
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    73 Duster 440

    cool car, butwhy would you do the interior before you got it painted?
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    69 street/strip dart

    I really like your car but i could not touch it for more than $5000.00 and i know you wont take that for it. when the time is right it will sell. good luck.