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  1. earthmover

    Panther pink chassis duster owner

    The owner of the panther pink duster chassis car please message me I have a question about your car ..I have a old picture of it and would like to ask you about it .
  2. earthmover

    73Duster chassis is up and running

    finally fired the old girl up ..been a long time coming and the video don t do the old girl any justice as far as how it sounds...not long hope to have it out for a few test passes make sure it goes straight and don't do anything crazy.....a few of the injection lines are bad so have to replace...
  3. earthmover

    ew new pictures and old

  4. earthmover

    remote water pump set up and idea low deck

    this is the front of my motor and im looking for some ideas as to running a remote water pump...I have researched some of the ways and looked at some of the stuff that's for sell...I just cant se myself paying 2/300.00 for a set of blocks that fit the opening and then buying an fitting...hat...
  5. earthmover

    just a few pics of the duster

    had some work to do in the shop today so had the car out and took a few pics thought I would share.. not much bug she is coming along....going to order thw center next.. been calling everybody looking the best price for that but there is no best price lol
  6. earthmover

    ok guys with 451 lets here some specs

    I am in the process of getting this car the short rows I guess...its a 73 2x3 chassis car with struts and ford 9" rear end... right now I have 18.5x31 m/t sportsman pro tires on it in the back and 3.5 in the front.. I am going to replace the tires and rims with 10.5x31 and 3.5 in the...
  7. earthmover

    what seat for drag car kirkey or poly

    what seats are you guys using and feel better in??? I have some of the poly seats and have 1 in my street car...for the new car I was thinking of the kirkey seat but not sure if I need a seat that cost that much or if they would sit or feel or even be that much more safe... anybody have used...
  8. earthmover

    door slammers the book

    just got the book today and it seems to be a great book to read up on the way things work....had been looking to buy it but just thought it was to high, so I just broke down and ordered it since I have the chassis car I felt it could and would help me to learn and understand a lot of the things...
  9. earthmover

    few pics from dunn benson race
  10. earthmover

    mopar show at dunn/benson nc nc guys my buddy sent me this today about a mopar show at dunn/benson drag strip... I talk to 1 of them and he plan to try and have his new car out,and will be talking to bob see if he...
  11. earthmover

    got some new parts for my race car will post pics of it out the box tom. didn't have time to take it out had some other things to do.. this will be going on my 451 race motor along with running alky. so I hope that it runs pretty good when...
  12. earthmover

    how to tell if heads have harden valve seats

    is there anyway to tell if the heads have harden seats in them???besides taken them to the shop..
  13. earthmover

    hyd. lifters

    anybody use the howards max effort lifters??? i have not used a hyd. cam in so many years and i see there are so many types of hyd. lifters out now.. summit ,jegs,comp cam has 2/3 diff. kinds...this will be in my 400 with a crane cam 504/528 lift ...i started to just order the summit lifters...
  14. earthmover

    safety wire tips

    take a look at the links and let me know if they look right to you.. i have never done this but do have a page saved from here that i went by.. thanks mike
  15. earthmover

    header ???

    single primary style header pri dia... 2.050" to 2.175" ...length 33.5" to 36.6" collector dia... 3.725" to 3.975" .. length 17.9" ----------------------------- 2 step style 1st pri dia... 2.050" ... length .. 16.7" to 18.3" 2nd pri dia... 2.175" ... length .. 16.7" to 18.3" same...
  16. earthmover

    bg 400 series pump

    anybody here run 1 of the bg 400 pumps??? how do you like it??? good bad pump???? thanks mike
  17. earthmover

    here you go bob lol..a little mock up work

    just testing things out while i had a chance to work on the car..just to make sure if the motor would fit with the big old oil pan..and it dont gonna have to cut some of the center out of the cross member ..will take about a 2" wide section and about 13" long and box it all back in...
  18. earthmover

    my new project and many thanks tooooo

    i would like to say thanks you to my buddy bob shingler, and lester ,along with my son and also tony (quicktree) for all the help to get to this point.. i am going to take the car apart and go over everything from front to back and paint everything...the car is very nice with some very nice...
  19. earthmover

    buddies new toy..

    take a look at my buddies new toy..
  20. earthmover

    what tips and trick in your stock front end (((drag car)))

    ok guys what tips and tricks do you guys do to the stock front end????? i have talk to guys that run in the 8.5 range with stock stuff and looking to see what some here have done.....i know that if you can get it free (loose) your good so what do you do???????:glasses7:
  21. earthmover

    what color yellow or yellow and black what do you guys think about the paint color yellow and black like in the pic or just yellow?????if you look at the front...
  22. earthmover

    young guns in raleigh nc or close

    are there any young guns in the raleigh nc area or close to on here???? if so and you race a small block shoot me a pm i have some small block heads that need to be used and would love to maybe help some one out to go faster:supz:...maybe we can get in touch and work up a plan to get you hauling...
  23. earthmover

    piston help

    hey guys i got my kb 107 pistons back from the guy that said they where i need to ask some ??????? 2 piston had a lillte damage from the shipping and i want to see if they can be used..on the bottom of the skits there is a little chip about 1/8 up on the skit and bout 1/4 long . it 2...
  24. earthmover

    pro comp heads

    does the inday 440-2 single plan intake fit this heads..intake is max wedge size and heads are cnc..thanks mike
  25. earthmover

    whats the fastest you been stock frontend

    whats the fastest you have been on a stock frontend????no rack and pinion or a arms..just the stock k and uca and lca from ma mopar ........:burnout:
  26. earthmover

    good comp. to deal with

    p.r.p. is a good company to deal with..i had a electric water pump (big block) that came with some stuff i had got for my stroker build...the pump was stuck and did not work my buddy bob email and got the info that they would rebuild it for me..any way long story short sent it in 1 day the next...
  27. earthmover

    2002 dodge stratus fiberglass frontend???

    anybody know where i can get a glass frontend fro the stratus??? ive looked and couldnt find anything thats for race just the show stuff i guess???:burnout:
  28. earthmover

    who here has build there own cal trac type bars???

    like the title say who or how many of you guys have done the bars your self??? did you use the stock springs with them or buy new????do you have any pic????? was thinking last night i may try some of this on the dart project to save a little cash and just have mostly work in to this...would like...
  29. earthmover

    carb help

    well as some of you may rem. i had a post about pinion angle and now that i have it set to where i want it i have a new problem.....first before i did the angle i could drive down the road and just burn the tire up and now ive set the angle and when i come up on the verta it will stumbal then...
  30. earthmover

    roll cage ???

    talk with the loc. guy 2day about doing a 8 point in the duster for my son just want to see what you guys thought about the price....810.00 thats the cage with everything tied in and scale the car for weight on each corner.....this is c/m tube....