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    [FOR SALE] 1975? Dash assembly

    Where abouts in N Va? I live in Baltimore County
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    [FOR SALE] 73 Duster/Scamp Grill and Bumper

    Do you have the window regulators for driver and passenger side? I have a 74 Plymouth Scamp. See photo gallery
  3. 1974 Plymouth Scamp

    1974 Plymouth Scamp

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    Screaming Scamp

    I have a hemi oil pan. Yes there was a clearance problem. We used a thick piece of steel that was in the shape of a U. Placed it against the pan, I held it an my buddy using a hammer hit it. We slowly hit the corner into shape, so as to be able to make good right turns. Glad you are doing what...
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    Screaming Scamp

    Putting in the 383 will be a challenge. Does your car have power steering? With putting in headers the clearance is nill. I had to take out my power steering unit. I had to use Flaming River manual. The Idler arm, Center Drag Link, and Pitman arm will have to be changed. Because the Scamp...
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    Screaming Scamp

    Just got car back from 1 1/2 yr restoration. Bought 74 scamp in 08/2011 with a cowl hood. Was a 20 ft car. Had 383. Ran it very little had issues. A Mopar good friend Ron Neis (383man, took me up to his brother. Gary Neis drag races in 422 club. He has been racing since 70's and...