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    Looking for stock slant performance #'s D150

    0-60 in 30 seconds ?
  2. 496 polara

    1970 Chevelle 396

    Team Chevelle Answer all your questions and I am sure they would love to see it. I am a member there also for Chevy engine tech. Have a 454 in my C10 after all. Different user name though.
  3. 496 polara

    71 Bahama Yellow Duster

    Welcome and plain Jane is cool.
  4. 496 polara

    Suggested wheel size for rear

    What year and model car is it ?
  5. 496 polara

    [FOR SALE] Plug and play - Headlight Relay Kits

    72 Duster and would like one as well.
  6. 496 polara

    Prayers For John Force

    Every bone in my body hurts looking at that. And at 75 ? Hell no!
  7. 496 polara

    [WANTED] TTi 1 3/4 big block headers

    Nope. Going in my 72 Duster with a 440.
  8. 496 polara

    [WANTED] TTi 1 3/4 big block headers

    Far chance but here goes nothing; Looking for TTi under chassis 1 3/4 big block headers.Good used or discounted new. Shipped to 27526. Back to your regularly scheduled programming. Thanks, George
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    [FOR SALE] Plug and play - Headlight Relay Kits

    72 Duster and ready to purchase. Glad you are better!
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    [SOLD] 73-ish black buckets $400 pr.

    Would be very interested if shipping is an option also.27526
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    [SOLD] Autometer Gauges and Tachometer

    Sounds like they are gone.If not I would take oil and water.
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    TNT 440

    Same as a 440 magnum or a 440 super commando.Chrysler used TNT as their high performance designation.
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    Rear Versus Front Tire Widths

    Larger tires on the rear are generally for better traction if running a hot motor,if not then just for the "old school" cool look. I have 275 on the rear and 215 on the front of my 72 Duster.
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    [FOR SALE] Mopar license plates

    Take the Plymouth one if available.
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    Solicitor repellant

    Rig your doorbell to spray mace back at them when they touch it.Problem solved. Me, I just don't answer the door.
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    I used the Flowmaster 2.5 tailpipes on my Duster. Everything forward we did at a local shop.
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    how many cars do you have?

    99 Toyota Avalon (my dd) 08 Toyota Avalon (wife's dd) 72 Duster 440 72 Chrysler Newport 400 08 Pontiac Grand Prix Gxp- for sale 01 Mustang GT vert- for sale 82 Chevy C10 shortbed 454 75 Chrysler Newport 440 parts car 73 Chrysler New Yorker 440 parts car.
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    318 with Edelbrok perfomer intake and 600 cfm 4 barrel, what headers please?

    If you want a little more hp and tq put some good headers on it. Be prepared to tune the carb a little more. Tune the distributor as well if you haven't already. Headers is a he said she said argument. Some like them and some don't. It is up to you.
  19. 496 polara

    440 Jensen Interceptor Exhaust Crossover / Balance Pipe

    The closer to the engine generally the better. Space and access needed permitting.
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    [SOLD] Drivers side bucket seat

    Best guess to what year it came out of?
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    1974 Plymouth Duster

    Welcome and I like the black hood on the green.
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    Need top end advice

    If you are in New England Porter Racing heads should be close enough and can help you achieve your goals.
  23. 496 polara

    confusion torsion bars or no torsion bars

    The 1 3/4 headers should be fine for all but the wildest applications. I have 2 " and mine rattle off the pass side of the engine bay and one torsion bar (aftermarket 1" bars). Not bad but it does hit.
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    [WANTED] TTi 1 3/4 long tubes headers

    Looking for Tti long tube headers 1 3/4 primary tubes. Part # TTi 383440-134C4 Shipping to NC 27526 Thanks, George
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    1972 340 testing by Nick

    I will take 16hp and 22tq every day of the week. And that is just peak. I would imagine gains would be larger in most cases across the curve and hold on longer after peak as well.
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    [FOR SALE] 1965 Dodge dart GT

    Beautiful and ambitious project. Is it a completed running and driving car ? If more work is needed what would that be? More details on transmission,rear end,etc. I am not in the market but I bet it would be a handful and surprise many a fellow.
  27. 496 polara

    Big Block Low Deck engine install in 68 Dart

    I have a 440 in my 72 Duster with manual steering and I can vouch for the 2" Tti being tight. Mine rattle of the pass fender and a litt;e off of the PST 1.03 torsion bars.