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  1. famous bob

    Another blower motor mod for BB.

    Yeah , I have about 3/4'' between my head and firewall ---------------
  2. famous bob

    How to fix a cracked block, easy also

    I did that type repair back in the late 70`s , it is best if drilling the next hole 1/2 in the previous hole/bolt , overlapping them, break each bolt off by overtightening , using 1/2 long grade 5 , 1/4-20 bolts. CENTER PUNCH TO DRILL , LOCTITE ALL THREADS BEFORE SCREWING IN TO BREAK OFF. Peen...
  3. famous bob

    A Good Chart for Where to Adjust Valves

    Two diff cam style techniques------------solid=clearance , hyd. =preload
  4. famous bob

    A Good Chart for Where to Adjust Valves

    I aint hali , but I always loosened them off "on the heel of the cam" of course, tightened them down till the pushrod had no play/slack or preload , then turned the adj nut 1/2 to 3/4 turns tighter. Even ran a 406sbc at 1 turn tighter, trying to stop hyd roller lifter noise------
  5. famous bob

    Easy Tool for Removing Roof Rail Mouldings

    I used the round pop bottle side and t put a shop towel and a popsicle stick under it, works like a charm !
  6. famous bob

    Separating spot-welded body and frame parts

    They say, necessity is the mother of invention ---------
  7. famous bob

    How to Rebuild Holley Red/Blue Fuel Pump

    Remember too, u can use fine sandpaper and clean the vanes, just make sure they are free and sling out easily, when installing.
  8. famous bob

    Another blower motor mod for BB.

    won`t work w/ raised port victors or victor knock offs, in a 68 barracuda. a little over 1/2" head to firewall clearance, w/ the taller head actually covering part of the hole. u can go to a hotrod heater under the dash tho, for defrosters and a little heat.