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  1. famous bob

    classic car market

    So , what is the claqssic car market doing for our A bodies right now? low ? high ? all opinions and facts please , I over extended my self financially and thinkin about selling out !
  2. famous bob

    side by side

    I know a bunch of u guys have side by sides , what brands , and how dependable are they? I`m interested in a good to great used one , mostly trail riding , doesn`t have to be the fastest , ''already done that w/ a 500 quadzilla'' , still would like it to run at about 70mph tho. any and all...
  3. famous bob


    what form of secure payment do you guys make/use , other than paypal ?
  4. famous bob


    u guys ought go over to fbbo and read the posts , on my header sale , the guy seems to be a scammer he wants the money back and wont ship them back to me . We came to an agreement and he backed out , started name calling to me from day one . The bad mouthers over on fbbo has changed the price...
  5. famous bob

    just posted a new thread on my headers for sale

    where does a guy post exhaust parts for sale , no listed place for them !
  6. famous bob


    Any one watch the full video of Finnegan winning drag week w/ the blashemi 55 chevy ? Dont know what yr or how old it is/was . Being a hemi , I was pulling for him and glad he did it ! Altho they sure made some dumb mistakes on his hemis , I thot , and that fuel injection system he used...
  7. famous bob


    hey friends, I just switched to g mail from att, tired of the att b.s. Havent got everything figured out yet ''not the smartest tack in the box, computer. wise'' . Was in as famous bob on att , which was a joke kinda , talked into it by a friend, yrs. ago. Never been famous ------------some of...
  8. famous bob


    To the post I made about going to have a set of TTI 2'' headers for sale in the future , that the toolman didnt like ; I ordered a s et of thermal barrier coated tti headers the same as the ones on my car that are not coated , wont be getting them untill the first week of June ,fingers crossed...
  9. famous bob

    to the stupid mod who cancelled my wanted add

    what part of for sale or wanted do u not understand !!???
  10. famous bob


    I`m losing interest in this forum more and more . Not much about the original intent , and a lot of political stupidity is ruining it for me , welcome to the new world order --retards !! Not intended to to those that I have agreed with in the past .
  11. famous bob

    forbbodies only

    I just came from b bodies only, enjoyed reading about guys racing and trying diff. stuff/updating their cars , instead of constant bickering and name calling over political subjects . Maybe we can get back to that on here ----------------------
  12. famous bob

    shout out to 66cuda

    bought a pulley from him, got it , great condition , got it quickly , at a great price !! LOOKED new too------------
  13. famous bob

    university of pittsburgh

    read this morning about the university thinks they have come up w/ something that will kick the virus`s *** , in a patch like band aid ! pray for them for wisdom !
  14. famous bob

    got a deal yesterday-

    my neighbor across the street had a new husqvarna lawn tractor delivered , saw her out mowing the next day and walked over to look at it . She ended up giving me her broken down john deere, I shoved it home a proceded to try to fix it , almost flat tires, never has been greased, blown fuse...
  15. famous bob


    Its quit raining ,maybe the sun will come out for a change !!
  16. famous bob

    met another member yesterday ,

    Dusted and his wife drove down from Bartlesville yesterday , chewed the fat for a bit, nice people . He`s got a really good sounding 408 small block , yellow duster or demon , forgot to notice which , beautiful under the hood too. I saw an old episode of roadkill yesterday too, had a Reddram in...
  17. famous bob

    frakin unbelieveable !

    I put two pair of wheels on craigslist a little while ago , had two scammers working almost instantly at the same time , they couldn`t even tell me what they were referring to DUMBASSES !
  18. famous bob

    put out a feeler

    Posted a short add on , yesterday evening , already have 2 inquiries . Not sure about this tho---
  19. famous bob


    Got my renewal yesterday , went up again. I called and was told that Hagerty had bought out my/the company. Hagerty wanted twice what I`ve been paying, back when I insured it 4 yrs ago. The value has gone up to $36,250 according to the statement . I don't think these old A bodies are still...
  20. famous bob

    aint gonna get to read all the new posts

    Which I try to do. Weve actually gone almost 3 days w/o rain here! My daughters lawn has 2ft high weeds in it, gotta get it mowed and mine before the next incoming rain storm> supposedly around 3 pm.
  21. famous bob

    brand x

    Dammit Ray , I found a brand x station wagon I`ve wanted for a long long time, RUST FREE, STRAIGHT A LOT OF PARTS, NO ENGINE AND TRANS. Now that I have the barracuda about finished, "I hope" , I really cant afford another basket case, or have the room to build it .
  22. famous bob

    power keeps dropping out

    The power and ethernet keep dropping out , will come back on in a min. or so . Wonder if its the 7' of rain we had yesterday to go with the flooding conditions we already had !----------- FRIKEN SICK OF RAIN FOR NOW ! SUPPOSED TO RAIN AGAIN THIS AFTERNOON ! Dammit Ray !
  23. famous bob

    Dmmit Ray !

    Went to install my new springs on my front coil overs ,and found the spherical ends are wore out , always something ! More down time waiting for new ones. Cant seem to ever get something done in one day anymore !
  24. famous bob

    trying again

    wroter the instructions down , let me see-------- paste is shaded out grey, when returning to fabo,cant get it to do anything !
  25. famous bob

    trying to upload a pic

  26. famous bob

    Dammit Ray (again)

    Got the pan off fixing an oil leak , and noticed a tooth gone off my hughs convertor starter ring , first time I `ve ever had that happen in about 50 yrs of mopar and chevy hotroding ! Any one ever have the ring replaced ??
  27. famous bob

    shipping tires

    anyone ship any tires lately? What was the cheapest way to ship ?? Boxed up / binded together? labeled seperatly and shipped loose ? Who with ?
  28. famous bob

    gotta start over

    I have traded my polished / reworked torquer 2 for a polished 2954 victor. My torquer 2 flows more than the intake I`m trading it for, w/ only 24cfm scatter between the runners. He says he wants to put his hood back on (B body) . I probly have 40 hrs in making the torquer 2 flow like it does...
  29. famous bob

    cars worth ?

    I would like some opinions on a very rusty 68 barracuda , the car is totally a wasted piece of junk, not worth anything but parts removal. Every piece of the body is rusted out, and most are bent or beat up too. The windows are good , interior is shot/but all there, grills and trunk trim are...
  30. famous bob

    anyone heard

    anyone heard from YELLOW ROSE lately ?