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  1. famous bob

    rim width

    I`m going to buy wider rear rims for my 295 60 d15 hoosier quicktimes. I am running them on 8" prostars . The maximum recommended width for them is 10" , minumim 8" . They are working fine , but since I`ve decided not to tub my fish , which would be the best for street n strip , 9" or 10'' rims...
  2. famous bob


    anyone ever run uni lug wheels w/ big h.p. ? I got a deal on some wheels from a fabo member , when they got here , they are uni lug, (I didn`t notice in his pics) altho heavier than I would like, I think they might help soften the hit on launch. my extra lug nuts from my prostars fill the...
  3. famous bob

    more wheel -tire sizes

    been reading w/ interest about tire sizes on the few 68 barracuda questions posted. anyone got a 68 w/ 3/4" offset spring hangars, and rolled inner fender lips? what biggest tire a guy can run? don`t mind massaging the inner wheel wells, and will probably stretch the outer front edge a little...