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  1. abodyjoe

    [FOR SALE] FREE 71 dart rear seat...

    its blue and in good shape. you came get it and you can have it. be a shame to just trash it but thats whats gonna happen if no one wants it.. located in 08009
  2. abodyjoe

    [SOLD] rocky mountain dash set up for sale.........

    a rocky mountain dash set up. and speaker mount.. this was in my 71 dart. only used about 4000 miles.. not going to be using it any more so instead of it collecting dust around here i figured i would sell it to someone that would love to have it. glove box portion is set up for a push...
  3. abodyjoe

    old rubber floor mats....

    would anyone be interested in these? asking $10 plus shipping. buyer pays paypal fees.
  4. abodyjoe

    71 dart rear seat

    blue rear seat. little dirty but in decent shape.. asking $25 located in NJ will not ship..
  5. abodyjoe

    [SOLD] scat procar seats for sale...

    procar elite lumbar seats with dart mounting brackets for sale... these seats cost me over $800 a couple years ago... asking $400 don't think i want to ship them.. probably wouldn't be worth it for the buyer anyway... you can buy clapped out uncomfortable stock abody...
  6. abodyjoe

    71 dart trunk mat for sale..

    these go for $50 new... asking $20 plus shipping.. located in berlin,nj has some smudging on it. in good shape no tears.. this is a reproduction..
  7. abodyjoe

    71 rimblow wheel...

    very good shape. no cracks, horn button does not work, spokes are is good shape. asking $400 or best offer + shipping.
  8. abodyjoe

    71 rimblow wheel....

    this wheel is for a 71 dart of challenger. no cracks in the wood, horn button naturally needs to be replaced, spokes are in great shape. i do not have a horn button for it. this should make for an easy restoration. asking $400 loacted in berlin,nj
  9. abodyjoe

    a-body no-drill tach bracket

    $25 + shipping.. located in south jersey ok its a shitty picture but you get the idea of where it will mount. here is where i bought it. .