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  1. famous bob

    2 and 3 pass radiators

    Anyone of you guys ever switched to a 2 or 3 pass alum. radiator of the same size as the preceding one ? Wondering if all the hype is B.S. ---------thanks Bob
  2. famous bob

    elec water pump

    Any of u guys ever run or tried a 50 gal. elec. water pump that fits in the stock housing ? I was wondering about the water flow being fast enough, or too fast to help,cooling a r/b stroker. I like the idea of running the pump after a making a run at the strip, on a street mostly car.
  3. famous bob

    what say you ?

    I have a mech. fan on my 440/505" wedge, 28x19 crossflow alum. rad., 6 blade 17' fan. I am not having cooling problems, but I NOTICED MY FAN IS ABOUT 2/3 IN THE SHROUD. I can remove a spacer I cut down to 1/2" thick, and just about center the fan , as far as how far its sticking out of the...