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  1. famous bob

    Where did this come from?

    the first time I changed oil in a new 1969 coronet 440-4 speed ,rt , something started blocking the drain hole , reached in w/ a wire w/ a hook bent on it , and pulled a gob of steel wool out --sabotage from the factory , no doubt !
  2. famous bob

    I'm Sure It's BS, But.......

    You are so right , algores jet polutes more than half the cars on this forum .
  3. famous bob

    I'm Sure It's BS, But.......

    a little out of line here , but , what pisses me off is, David Page went to work for edelbrock, he was the go to guy for troubles at fast fuel inj., he was reportedly still in memphis , but in a diff. building.
  4. famous bob

    Long shot. Never seen anything posted of one.

    will, more than likely feel like less torque .
  5. famous bob

    What degree Thermostat?

    someone brought it up---------
  6. famous bob

    What degree Thermostat?

    I have been thinking about going to a160 just for an experiment , I played w/ about everything else in the cooling system---------
  7. famous bob

    Loctite and ARP main studs

    I did a couple , just to compare (experiment) , no diff in anything , except they are in there and cant be unscrewed ------------easily.
  8. famous bob

    NO, do NOT remove the spark plug washers on drool tube heads!!

    I quit reading about halfway thru this post , I ran w/o the plug washers in my hemi for 14 yrs with no problems , nary a one ! Even got the idea from Tom Hoover ! The alum tubes sealed very well , unless they are worn out or chewed up from the washers to start with .
  9. famous bob

    Tuning For Detonation

    why not move up to 89 or 91 , and fugetaboutit ?
  10. famous bob

    Another overheating situation 63 Slant six

    Yeah, but they didnt put out the h.p. were getting out of them today !!
  11. famous bob

    Initial Rocker Clearance?

  12. famous bob

    Initial Rocker Clearance?

  13. famous bob

    reading the slant six plugs color

    Usually about 80 cents a gallon higher here .
  14. famous bob

    reading the slant six plugs color

    Interesting , I run 93 non ethanol in 2 john deere lawn tractors, chainsaw, leaf blower , and my 505'' barracuda , no problems w/ any of them .
  15. famous bob

    Good Quench Article

    Agree with all of it except the hemi part . The sides of the hemi piston is where the quench is at , not the bottom of the piston . And on a superstock hemi , we couldn`t go above 36 degrees very far w/o killing power . I had jacked around with it at the dragstrip , went up to 42 and slowed it...
  16. famous bob

    Connecting rod nuts

    I hit the agree button- If the parting lines are still lined up perfectly. The later stuff sounds kinda suspect !
  17. famous bob

    Connecting rod nuts

    I replaced the rodbolts in a hemi superstock type engine w/ mopar bolts , didnt change anything , knocked them in w/ a hammer while holding the rod in my left hand.< tells you how tite they were . That engine was raced for a lot of yrs. , and as far as I know are still in it -----------
  18. famous bob

    Belt Question...

    I have not had any trouble w/ belts (on cars) , if u can find a kevlar belt in the size u need , you`ll probly never have to replace it .
  19. famous bob

    Red Dot light!!!

    RRR must be a mind reader , or his crystal ball is working again , I cant get past ''stay in , or ''stay one'' , what the hell does that mean !?!
  20. famous bob

    strange block markings

    HEMI`s didnt come with .003 clearance tho-----lol
  21. famous bob

    Broke new piston

    MY crystal ball isnt working , what size rings u wanting ??
  22. famous bob

    Recommended Spark Plug Wires

    I have used and prefer MSD wires , low resistance/50 ohms per ft.
  23. famous bob

    170 slant six nitrous fogger pics

    Interesting , so how big a shot is it ??
  24. famous bob

    So what's the deal with spark plug washers?

    Never had a slant , but in the 426 hemi`s , the washers would eat up the spark plug seal tubes . On a slant I think they maybe called something else , but think they are still alum. . The alum. tubes will seal the plugs/combustion chamber .
  25. famous bob

    Compression PSI too high?

    bfd !
  26. famous bob

    Compression PSI too high?

    I bought a 13,000 mile 426 hemi out of a rolled/junked 1968 road runner , it had from the factory 200-205 # on all cylinders , with a .020 steel shim head gasket ------just sayin
  27. famous bob

    Convert 170 from breather tube to PCV system

    not slant 6 related There is an aftermarket alum. valve that is way high on price, wagner I think, never paid to much attention at that price. supposed to be a 2 stage -----adjustable , a couple of guys on here say its the best hing since sliced bread , and well worth it . The valve I have on my...
  28. famous bob

    Convert 170 from breather tube to PCV system

    A little off topic here, but what pcv valve would work best on bigger stroker engines/ off the shelf only, not going to pay $75 for one .??????
  29. famous bob

    Manifold Heater for Cold Climates

    I posted a while back that I was thinking about running my heater hoses , strapped to the runners under side to add a little heat , under my victor intake , which is pretty darn tall. I got no opinions on it , and havent done it , since I dont drive the fish in really cold weather. a guy I...