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  1. abodyjoe

    Atlantic Nationals 2016

    oh ok. never heard of it.
  2. abodyjoe

    Atlantic Nationals 2016

    ok what are the mopar atlantic nats? mopars at e-town when it was actually a good event used to be called the mopar atlantic nationals.. that mopar event is in aug this year. moparfest isn't until aug. you talking about the carlisle chrysler nationals??
  3. abodyjoe

    Thinking of creating a Canadian Mopar website and forum

    depends what you want out of it. i'd start out real simple and basic then once you get members see what direction it goes and expand from there. when i did my site years ago it was intended for local guys that i met through other mopar forums.. it was/is a place we can post about local...
  4. abodyjoe

    New Wheels arrived last night.

    great color combo.. not a big fan of the race seats though..
  5. abodyjoe

    2013 Peach City Beach Cruise - lots of pictures

    ok, why paint the block, heads and intake and leave everything else looking like crap. you already ruined the survivor look of it, may as well finish up under there at this point..
  6. abodyjoe

    2013 Peach City Beach Cruise - lots of pictures

    some good looking cars there... thanks for the pics..
  7. abodyjoe

    Ns cross burning victom up on drug and assult charges!!

    Sounds like the assholes that burned the cross and the idiot in that story should be wiped from the gene pool. All assholes in my opinion. Burning a cross is all about hate. And the drugs are just stupidity..
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    PPG classics
  9. abodyjoe

    PPG classics
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    dart guys help me out pls

    no . its not hard... you just make sure you have everything..
  11. abodyjoe

    dart guys help me out pls

    yes 72 fenders will fit.. but the entire front clip will have to be changer to a 72 set up.. worth fixing the 318.. thats personal preference... personally i think i would build a 360.. but thats only if the 318 isn't an easy fix